Longfeng Shanghai old brand - extraordinary taste buds inherited for centuries

Dragon Phoenix Shanghai old brand, is a unique brand of Shanghai, after a hundred years of inheritance, with its extraordinary taste buds to conquer countless diners. As one of the important representatives of Shanghai food culture, Longfeng, with its unique cooking skills and tastes, makes people feel the traditional charm and top food enjoyment from the tip of the tongue.

The uniqueness of Longfeng Shanghai old brand is that it is extremely picky and fastidious about raw materials. Every step, from ingredients selection to cooking, will be carried out in strict accordance with traditional techniques, committed to preserving and inheriting Shanghai's unique culinary culture. In the selection of ingredients, only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are selected to ensure that each dish can show the original style. The unique Hubei Beijing cuisine, Shanghai cuisine and other traditional cooking skills make the dishes of dragon and Phoenix as picturesque as a dazzling array of artworks.

Dragon and Phoenix Restaurant with its unique menu has become a model of old Shanghai brands. Every dish here has been carefully designed and developed to give diners the best taste experience. Classic dishes such as braised lion's head, crab meat Xiaolongbao and crispy roast duck have become the favorites of millions of people. Both local residents and tourists will stop to savor these delicious dishes.

In addition to the unique cuisine, the service of Dragon and Phoenix Restaurant is even more impressive. Every employee has undergone rigorous training and attention to detail to provide the most perfect dining experience. Elegant and comfortable environment, thoughtful and meticulous service, have created a comfortable and pleasant dining atmosphere for diners.

The success of Longfeng Shanghai old brand is inseparable from the pursuit of quality and the accumulation of reputation. In this era of rapid change, Longfeng maintains a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Through the active use of modern marketing methods, such as social media promotion and online ordering, Dragon Phoenix Restaurant has attracted more young people's attention and fans. Not only that, Longfeng also actively participates in public welfare activities, gives back to society, and builds a well-loved brand image for customers.

Dragon Phoenix Shanghai old brand is a delicious feast with endless aftertaste, known as a business card of Shanghai. Its unique and successful business model, both for the inheritance of food culture, or for the persistence of quality, have set a model for us. Dragon and Phoenix, is not only a restaurant, but also a symbol of spirit, a love and persistence of the inheritance.