Shanghai is a good place for night climbing

There are many places suitable for night climbing in Shanghai at night, which makes people linger. Whether you're a young person looking for excitement or a couple who loves a quiet night view, Shanghai has everything you need. This article will introduce you to some places in Shanghai suitable for night climbing, so that you can enjoy the magnificent scenery in the late night.

First stop, we came to the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower located in Pudong New Area. This stylish building is not only a Shanghai landmark, but also a great night climbing spot. The tower is 468 meters high and has 11 sightseeing floors for visitors to enjoy the beautiful views of the city. At night, the top of the tower is brightly lit and the whole city can be seen at night. Standing here, you will feel the charm of Shanghai's prosperity.

The second stop, we came to Jing 'an Temple. This ancient temple with a history of hundreds of years also shows a different charm at night than during the day. When night falls, the lights inside the temple are gentle and mysterious, giving a feeling of serenity. Climb the temple tower, you can have a bird's eye view of the whole temple and the surrounding street scenery. Moreover, because the temple is located in the center of the city, the transportation is convenient at night, and you can also taste the night food around.

The third stop, we came to the Bund. As one of the symbols of Shanghai, the Bund is a great choice for night climbing. The buildings of the Bund soar into the sky, and the lights of the whole beach are illuminated at the beginning of the night, making people seem to be in a fairy tale world. You can stroll here and enjoy the sea of neon lights across the river from the Lujiazui financial district. In addition, from the Bund, you can also closely watch the night cruise boats on the Huangpu River, each boat is lit up with hundreds of lights, adding endless romantic sense to the river.

The fourth stop, we came to Shanghai Tower. The supertall building is breathtaking and the lighting at night is even more impressive. The tower has a viewing platform, allowing people to overlook the night view of the entire Shanghai city. Moreover, the sightseeing platform here uses a glass bottom, giving people the feeling of walking in the air, very exciting. If you are a person who loves excitement, this is definitely the place for you.

Shanghai is a vibrant and charming city, which is equally charming at night. Whether you like to enjoy the bright lights of the city or enjoy the tranquility of the night, Shanghai has something for you. If you have the chance, you might as well come to Shanghai to climb at night and feel the charm of the city.