Shanghai Chongming 419 Information: Explore the green treasures in Shanghai city

In the bustling metropolis, Shanghai is known as the Paris of the East, with countless food, shopping and entertainment venues attracting the eyes of tourists and residents alike. But beyond the busy streets and skyscrapers of Shanghai lies a mysterious and valuable treasure: the Chongming 419 message.

Chongming Island, located in Shanghai, is China's third largest island and the country's largest river, ocean and lake comprehensive nature reserve. The rich natural resources, unique ecological environment and time-honored cultural heritage make Chongming Island an important name card of Shanghai. The 419 message is a symbol of green development and sustainable ecological protection carried by Chongming Island.

Whether it is rural tourism, ecological agriculture or green environment construction, Chongming Island has become an important pillar in Shanghai's urban development with its unique advantages and resources. The 419 information is one of the business cards of Chongming Island, which not only covers a vast area of wetlands, rare plant and animal species, but also dense forests and magnificent coastlines, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty and mystery of nature.

Located between the outer sea of the Yangtze River estuary and the estuary of the Yangtze River, Chongming 419 is surrounded by the sea, with nearly 2,000 square kilometers of ocean and lakes, and nearly 7,600 square kilometers of land. The Marine ecosystem here is diverse and thriving, with the world's largest single-use aquaculture base and one of the most important breeding grounds for fish in the Yangtze Delta wetlands and the East China Sea.

In addition to rich Marine resources, Chongming 419 Information also has a large wetland and typical meadow ecosystem. It is the largest important water conservation and ecological protection area in Shanghai, carrying the most important fresh water resources in the Yangtze River Delta. As soon as you set foot in this land, you will be attracted by the fresh air, the beauty of the lake and the variety of animals in the meadows.

The uniqueness of Chongming 419 information lies not only in the abundance of natural resources, but also in the sound ecological protection measures and green development concept here. There are a number of nature reserves, wetland parks and ecological agriculture bases on the island, which provide tourists with the opportunity to get close to nature and make Chongming Island a green eco-tourism resort.