Shanghai Emergency notice

It is going to be a lot of rain, Shanghai, these public accounts issued a similar notice to the relevant media accounts of the forum have been sent, and there is no need to turn over the notice of other media accounts. In the heavy rain last year, the west end of my village was flooded and one or two mu of land was washed away. The electric pole stood in the middle of the river and almost fell down, as if it was still a high-voltage line. So this year, millions of dollars were spent to completely renovate the river. A city, if there is a safety accident, more than five or six people died, there will be several officials will be dismissed, if twice, the first and second leaders will not want to dry, I am just curious about how much heavy rain, all the media have sent, I am curious about how much rain this time to prepare for is the downstream river narrowed, the water is too slow, and then add the reservoir to discharge a large area of water, I feel that the widening and deepening effect is not particularly large, it is best to broaden the downstream, last year my village that family fished several fish in the field, there is a dozen pounds, latte hit dead, wait and see our unit group also sent my mother the fourth night of the plane to Shanghai, I do not know can not be grounded in a hundred years of heavy rain
Qingming is coming! Shanghai, Qingming customs, not consistent! Bobo chicken, mian Yan, Ga da Yan… A variety of names called Fa Bobo chicken, Qingming season, Jiaodong Peninsula, characteristic pasta This very characteristic pasta, popular in: Jiaodong Peninsula Jinan, Heze, Linyi, Dezhou, Zaozhuang, Tai 'an, Liaocheng… Shandong Province more Qingming season, is not popular to eat cake chicken! Never heard of When I was a child, every Qingming family did not eat the Shanghai old man said he had not heard of it and did not eat the past year every Qingming, the mother will steam a pot of Ga da Yan to his son, daughter, granddaughter. After the annual Qingming can no longer enjoy the mother steamed Gada Yan, enjoy the mother's care, mother originally you are well in heaven, no disease pain! Mom, I miss you so much! Fushan, Zhifu west have, other do not know Laiyang Haiyang Qixia Qingming Festival do face Yan custom, Qingming Festival is heavier than the Dragon Boat Festival. Like blue and white new lonely also have eaten Yan picture how not to show it