Shanghai car insurance which is good

People's insurance, the earth, all come to the phone, ask friends, friends said anyway don't buy daylight, last year out of a trip, the responsible party and the damaged party rotation blocked the door to scold, only to pay the people's insurance reliable point, but now the violation has become the reason for the insurance premium, those who do not know how to think, the insurance premium is enough to see the word of mouth of the parking fee? Sunshine, two cars a person, a safe are still OK, not so wordy, safe are good. The benefits of peace are many. Ping an property insurance is good half a piece of my home a safe, a Huahai, I feel that Ping an cost-effective is not high, but I do not really take the various benefits of Ping an, want to add car friends to consult car problems, have bought a car understand car emperor see?? I guess I really like Mercedes. Otherwise, it's basically less than 20,000 yuan from an Audi A6L. Either on E, or change the brand of their own money to buy their own like, ignore some people young girls open very good.