Shanghai people must stop buying flowers online! A trick or skill in wushu

Because of the light rod sent to you, you need a few months to raise leaves, flower ya, you can know the right version, find the wrong version, find businesses you guess what ~ business off the shelf to sell other, not to deal with this is to buy Wen Guan flower, obviously not a thing to see the delivery, Suqian flowers do not buy buy narcissus received garlic I am buying with buds, At least we can see the flowers for a few days. The place has been famous for years… Can't buy ah yes, I now where to buy flowers to raise mood Yes, I heard that has caught a few! How dare you? Well, a good mood is the best. This is the cherry blossom like! The enemy is more and more cunning, clearly is Suqian, he notes another address
Three times a day, I am willing to criticize themselves is not necessarily a bad person. In reality, at my age, I don't like to talk much anymore, and the circle of life is fixed. And Courier cooperation for nearly 8 years, not much love to change, good cooperation, progress, change, and some of their own resignation, recently this, people can not say bad, but, as a customer, he is really bad, first, the price is high, ignore how many orders I send a day, think I am stupid, second, another woman sent express, his car always parked the woman's door, Help post the tracking number, I printed it myself, as long as the car is on the line, third, I have to walk 50 more steps, in fact, it is not 50 steps, it is a matter of respect and disrespect. Similar situations happen every day in society. Don't use him, a month estimated that he had to lose five or six hundred, but he actually earned my money, but also let me walk more. Bad service or he likes women like a little security guard! You change the delivery girl business, you have to ignore men and women, otherwise you will fail.