Shanghai will not even sit squat will not clean, will not use the leather, also talk about the future of development?

Because of the installation, I went to several schools and found that whether middle school students or college students were blocked in the toilet, even the leather pump would not be used. Many students living on campus do not have the habit of cleaning the toilet, even in colleges and universities or some military schools. Tube how to eat, regardless of the situation…… Is high score and low ability a problem in education? All aspects of thinking about lying flat, that also learn to start, look at the young people now, really do not know what they will become later young people choose to lie flat is right, but how to choose a good posture is not? Today's children play electronic products technology yo-yo, life ability is relatively poor… This is a traditional Chinese virtue ah ha school dormitory toilets are not cleaned by students. Chinese kids are pretty much the same
Finally people are gone, alas why, as long as the life is still there, is the money important. Spineless money does not necessarily have a life to spend life to enjoy, life is basically able to earn money! Our life is life for money, and then money for life, not directly, in the middle is time. It's like a demon, huh? What does his dad's house have to do with those two? Have a debt dispute? Don't you know the inheritance law in China? Seven aunts and eight aunts have inheritance rights to let each other sign voluntary renunciation, or others can also share! I think it's because of this quarrel. There are so many contradictions in society these years. Maybe his father lived in the ancestral house, not just his father's house, if it was only his father's house, it would not matter to his father's Cousins, let alone his son's Cousins. Did this suspect still have his milk when his father died? My mother inherits part of his dead father's estate, and then my mother dies? The other children of his milk shall have the right of inheritance, and if any other child dies, the children of the deceased child may inherit by subrogation. If the suspect's father dies in the first place, his mother will give up the inheritance and nothing will happen. If the parents died, grandparents are still in the grandparents, parents have no survivors, seven aunts and eight aunts can come to divide your family's property, it is easy to say that you are reasonable, and you are in trouble when you are money minded. Yup! Looks like Hotsearch saw it yesterday! But the money above the family really make people's lives not worth when this inheritance law is really… The property of their own home, their own income, at most, and both parents have an inheritance relationship, and what relationship with seven aunts and eight aunts, is simply to create contradictions. Bad law Yes! It's a joke! Is the debt shared? Why do not assume the inheritance of the family property ah! If the relationship is not good, it will be bad! It is just like playing games, so let's say it directly: this is an evil law that creates contradictions, and it is very unreasonable. Since the seven aunts and eight aunts have come, that is good, there is a debt of one million, share it! So this really if the relationship is not good very troublesome! And why not share the debt, and why not contribute to the family?! Give my family a million dollars, my life is at your disposal. I was a mediocre person. You're not going to make half a million dollars from the time you start working to the time you retire. I know the hardships of not having money are abhorrent to the world. I was born to laugh at poverty and not at prostitution