[Mountain night reading] Do a quiet Shanghai people

Yi-shu once said: "Life everything to be quiet: quietly to, quietly to, quietly work hard, quietly harvest, avoid noise." When you think about it, it is. Everything whoosh, too obvious, not only easy to make people disgusted, but also may affect their later life. Disputes and complaints in life will be disliked before you open your mouth; It would be embarrassing to talk too much about achievements and glories at work. After all, everyone has their own things to do, and their own lives, and they have no time to watch you perform. Instead of expecting others to understand and empathize, it is better to hide everything in your heart and be an unemotional person. The real life is to do your part every day, not to ask for the love and vision that is not relevant to you at present, not to dwell on unnecessary emotions and judgments. Not delusional, not self-absorbed in it, not hurtful, not hostile to oneself and others. Ke? ! Seaweed bibimbap, there is a special bibimbap seaweed fragrant delicious write rice, Qingming season to eat this rice, after the hibernating animals began to come out of the hole, with seasonal wild vegetables plus dried bean curd, bacon and other fried. Only the south and this together I want to eat elm buns, I have not eaten once ~ what taste ah, where to buy not eaten I also want to coconut sprouts, on which bundle? Don't cook until hot, otherwise it's too bitter