[People's voice] Shanghai Telecom 4G problem

Recently found that many places my mobile phone telecommunications no 4G signal, changed a mobile phone card also so, is the telecom 4G stopped, it must change 5G mobile phone. Below is the telecom, above unicom useful telecom 4G, your signal is good? ! But the 2G 3G network has stopped, and your place is a little far from the 4G signal tower, so there is no signal, and the countryside is more normal. I this time in Weihai rural areas, the telecom has no signal, really want to call, to get a 2G signal. The Internet is a no-brainer. It's not gonna settle with a million complaints. I haven't had 4g Wi-Fi in years, and I can't even swipe the back channel… I suspect it's the phone. Back to find a good signal place to change the mobile phone to try, has not tried because Unicom card traffic. 4G will not, now only rural areas slowly stop 2G. 5G has not yet been fully promoted, and 4G is still mainstream. Find customer service to ask the telecom signal is not 2G stopped, is the mobile phone to open VOLTE call it looks like the card is broken or the contact is dirty, you can take the card down gently with an eraser, no longer bad to get the business hall to change the card. Mine is a 5G package, anyway, there are times when the signal is bad during the business trip, especially on the train and high-speed rail. In the same place, find two mobile phones to compare it, 4G should not be eliminated so quickly, 2G has been Shouting for many years and has not returned clean, probably that is, 3G has returned almost to retain 2G basic communication, stop 3G, 4G these two days just want to change back to Unicom, telecom for 4 months feel dissatisfied, before I also appeared this situation, Later, there was no 4G signal, consulting customer service said that the card was broken, let me change the mobile phone to try, or so, the result because the change of mobile phone bureau stopped (telecommunications card for mobile phone to change the card slot bureau stopped, can not make a call, need two authentication). After going to the business hall to change the card, there was no problem. I asked at that time, how there is no problem with 2G phone calls when the card is broken, but there is no data signal, I personally think that it is to let you change the 5G background to the mobile phone card authentication is limited. Recently, the telecom upgrade in the province, 2G is said to cut off the network first every time in the children's Palace and the railway station that there is no 4G, and then one day, there is no 4G train station directly anywhere in the west of Joy City that has been bad, took a few years of bus every time to that diarrhea… Go back to the business hall and try to change the card