Shanghai Unicom stole phone charges

More than ten years ago for Unicom, last year found my mother's Unicom number arrearage, but the prepaid phone fee should be able to use for a year, no change suddenly arrearage finally because of the private to add the business caused, and now in each month's phone fee offset that deduction fee! Because I canceled the TV business worried that the return fee would no longer return to me, I called the customer service, the first four swore that it would not affect and would return before the end of the month, in recent days, I paid attention to check and found that not only did not return but also every day there is a deduction fee (no new business, traffic and call packages are not used up). The explanation is that the cost of broadband is deducted every day in real time, not a whole month together (more than three cents a day, 40 people a month really did not study to understand), and the return fee is actually returned after the bill at the beginning of the month, the bullshit is that the return fee may not be reflected in the balance, to query from other channels, the actual phone charge is deducted in full. I don't know where I went when I came back! The actual phone charges have been deducted can not be displayed in real time, but also steal a little every day, until the end of the month, the fucking network I pull is Unicom, give a card, I have been owed a month's fees. Unicom's bill will never be understood. Money can never complain to the National Telecommunications Administration, let the above people call Unicom to honestly call you back the fee. My Unicom number has refunded the fee to me, I also cancel the number and do not play with them. Remember, all birds are black. Nothing good. That's pretty much it. It's a game where you don't match up, where you get the money. Have a good play with them ha ha ha now mobile Unicom or pit also not dead to you also said the world birds are black, then you do not use the net? My Unicom package is also the same as you, the Internet speed is accelerated 10 yuan, IP TV 25 yuan, a complaint a roar, I said you are short of that ten dollars? Have to add to it really can not 315 complaints Unicom and mobile a hanging sample, how much the actual cost of the monthly return how much mess you don't understand. I am the main card to use, but has been maintaining the arrearage state, beyond the package cost, I will call to come back, but if there is a balance, the money is not a few days for various reasons.
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