So many nice things about Shanghai pension

In a pension post, back to a "gap after retirement can be, but the gap is too big is not appropriate", there are more than thousands of likes, there are some replies, some of which misinterpret the meaning, there are fewer complaints, in fact, my intention is: I am not against paying more and getting more, but I think there is a regional ceiling. I personally feel that in the area of state pension, some are too high; Some people think that I pay more why set the upper limit, in fact, like taxes, are a part of regulating the distribution of social wealth, your income is high, high taxes, similarly, after retirement you originally pay more, you can get more, but too much, the state will intervene to adjust, to avoid too serious polarization; Some people began to say that when I am in office, I will pay less, and finally, there is a pension fund bottom, which involves the implementation of the policy of whether the state pays according to the salary when implementing social security and provident fund contributions. Personal feeling is actually a social wealth distribution problem, we are taking the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the realization of common prosperity is one of its important content, the current society in addition to more work, polarization trend more serious, from an ordinary post message reply can feel. The problem is that the distribution of social wealth has deviated from our target track and needs to be corrected. Welcome to discuss messages, no provocative comments. Some have not been taught than paid retirement is three times better they came (search Hu Shi) dual-track system cancel my heart flat. $2,650, and he smiles all day. Scrimping and saving enough to eat and drink. It is not enough than the above, but more than the below, and it is not thirty thousand yuan compared with the old cadres, but one hundred yuan compared with the old peasants. MHM. Eliminating the gap between the rich and the poor cannot be just a matter of words. Using taxpayers' money to pay for their own social security is higher than the taxpayer's. Take a look at the income of foreign leaders after retirement and the income of the general public, the gap is not large. The woman named Truss in Britain, who worked 44 days, retired 115,000 pounds a year, and the pension of ordinary people in Britain is 115,000 pounds a year. n years ago, former Japanese Prime Minister Murayama stepped down and rode his bike to buy food. His wife followed him out, but also pay the ticket money, compared to China, this is a big news. After so many years of development, the disparity in retirement benefits is still so large that it can only be said that those who make rules and those in power have selfish motives, do not consider the feelings of the disadvantaged groups at the bottom, and do not have the ability to step down. To say a naive word, this is a small people, careful to talk about state affairs, but I really do not know how many of the current party team still firm socialist faith, perhaps the current social situation is finally reached the inevitable stage of socialism? Maybe it takes development and time.