The Shanghai MIDI Festival may be the largest event in the past five years

Tickets are crazy. Less than a minute. MIDI across the country has already asked for leave. It hasn't been released yet. The tickets are gone. This time it was a real rush. I looked at it. There were no performers… My child works in this company, this is really tired. Not at a music festival. Can not do it is hard to say that May Day Tai 'an has new youth, the lineup is also very good until now did not announce the official guest list, people in Qingdao 623 music festival have announced…… The one with Zhu Zhiwen and Huang Bo is fake. 30 yuan? Yes. I checked about a tenth of the fare in other cities. If it is really this lineup, it is really good. If it is really not to say 30, 300 tickets are worth glancing at the title, and think that Huang Bo will attend what activities
I have a cousin is a special chef, nearly 60 years old, Peng Lai Chun apprentice, a cousin is a third ordinary. In terms of cooking, really, I don't even have to weigh them, and I don't have the skills. A lot of women may feel very happy to marry a man who will cook, my cousin has also been single, let the wife help introduce, she refused, said my cousin this is not good, which is not good. Is it possible your wife disliked him for something else? He was less responsible than me, more vain. I'm in my 40s. I can't cook now. What's the deal? I heard chefs don't cook at home! It's not absolute. My brother's a cook. We cook at home