Shanghai is once again the annual Qingming Festival

Today weekend, and close to the Qingming Festival, the Internet and said that the leap of February Qingming day is not good to go to the grave, just go back to my hometown today, to my father on the grave. Since my mother got sick six years ago, she came to Shanghai to live with us. My hometown is just a thought, and I only go back once every year on Qingming. Last year, the epidemic village did not let in, simply did not go, my heart always some sense of loss, although there is no one at home, but I do not know why I always want to go back to see. When my father was less than 40 years old, he died of illness, and I was only in my early teens at that time, and my impression on him was not particularly deep. When I was young, I never knew about going to the grave. After my marriage, I became a mother and knew the hard work of my parents. Sometimes it is to press paper, swing incense, no words, no tears, naturally, stay for a while, you will feel special peace of mind. Now the elders who go to the grave every year are left with an uncle who is nearly 80 years old, the other elders are basically gone, and the younger generation is only me, the others are not busy or have no close relatives, and the grandchildren basically do not go, so every year on the Qingming Festival I go up the mountain with my old uncle, he sees me kindly, I think he thinks he's still a kid… Fortunately, we do not prefer boys to girls here, although I am a daughter, I can also bear the burden of aging incense, living in the moment is the most important, manage parents, raise children. Our village group notice that the field is best not to go back why sometimes is to press paper, swaggle incense, no words, no tears, naturally, stay for a while, you will feel special peace of mind. Well written. The same went back yesterday, although not pay attention to what leap month, but by the online overwhelming public opinion guidance, coupled with the weather forecast of rain on the day of Qingming or went back in advance. Yesterday went to the old grave, since the death of grandparents have not been to the old grave, a little confused. To the old grandfather, the old grandfather, and a cemetery next to the grave without a grave to press paper, to their restless heart heavy life to add a little peace and ease.
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