Looking for a Shanghai friend who doesn't brag

Sign up, are you talking about me? I'm really not very good ah, no appearance, no appearance, no brain, no brain, no money, no money, no father, no good father… Shanghai is worse. It's a sober self-awareness that I'm one of those low-self-esteem locals who are good at blowing, blowing when they're not drinking, both men and women. Think of countless people, do not brag really no no blowing no lively ah, no atmosphere have blown have listen to harmony hey hey +1 we such people do not adapt to the current environment, do not brag forced up ah, no one attaches importance. Little security sign up I sign up Can you hire me?
The property security guard of Da Fu Shan takes No. 7 bus to Wanda in Small Zhifu District, is it closer to get off at the tax bureau station in Zhifu District? Should be in fact in Yuhuangding Park get off to the east is not very far three kilometers? Little security guard this is going to Wanda Plaza to see beautiful women? Or go on a blind date? Take the initiative to attack, as soon as possible out of single! Still have to walk a long way, turn a car to see the beauty is not afraid of yes yes, walk to a station more than two stations! I have been walking to the city south of the road you do not have a bike was stolen Yuhuang ding Nanshan park tax bureau are almost the same, you can find an electric bike to ride in the past electric car expensive, to two or three dollars, or walk cheap I group three months card, 60 times 59 in the road cheap