In the evening, I taught my wife a lesson that people can not only grow old and gain weight, but also grow skills

A person, do not have to work hard, age will be long, meat will be long. But long ability has to pay a little, not compared with others, because the nature, the nurture of various conditions are not the same. Just compare yourself. She said I am very disciplined, in fact, too simple, if I fall in love with a beautiful woman, will ask yourself, 20 years, 30 years later will still like her? The answer is no, so there's no point in wasting time. There was a time when the little beauty liked the uncle type, in fact, the little man liked to become more. Without him, uncle and revolution are also the result of self-discipline. No one likes undisciplined people. You have so much truth to say every day, anyway, you have long ability to tell the truth, do not understand the husband is not married to the need for long ability you said is also right, but the general people do not have your blessing, a few skilled men are not good color? A man who has the ability to lust, no money no ability has what right to lust? Riding a second-hand bicycle to go out for sex is the biggest humiliation for a beautiful woman, even if it is not good for the village aunt. By the way, did you ever consider on your second marriage that 20 years from now you'd be totally uninterested in this wife? After dinner, the only pastime is to sit on the street to peek at women dancing square dance, dare not bold point, like a capable man to the nightclub a Zheng daughter? You'd better stop spreading your lame idea on the Internet. Give young people the wrong idea of what it means to be capable. Lewdness depends on property… It has always been, rich to play movie star model stewardess, have the right female chief section chief, followed by the nightclub to find a dancer, no money to see the square dance I also did not understand what he wanted to express that of course ah rich hands and feet is fun no money hands and feet is a rogue
Nothing to do, the weather is fine Fisherman's Wharf walk to see Hainan Mountain Park walk to see flowers are very good… Beautiful really are very good not by going up the mountain to pick flowers, go to the sea to catch turtles I understand well, tomorrow is not beautiful. To rain to see yesterday is also to see a day of flowers