[People's voice] Shanghai chatGPT era, but also take notes in meetings?

Artificial Intelligence Big Data, 5G Internet of Everything, meta-universe, blockchain…… chatGPT, taking notes in meetings? Looks impressive. What does ChatGPT have to do with notes? Can asking ChatGPT help you strengthen your memory, avoid eye contact with the speaker, and appear to be paying attention? For minutes and summary alone, there is no Chatgpt, isn't there always? Or does a topic like ,,,,, come across as powerful? I don't even have to have traditional meetings. That day saw their meeting when the translation did not bring, A software on the computer directly translated it out really feel that the future translation will be eliminated in the future translation is good, the key is particularly too fast to rely on AI, not what a good thing to do notes must be the content of the meeting to do what notes, it is reading the speech is now still AI (an idiot) era!
See the circle of friends hair, the avenue is full, traffic jams can be long flower sea sea sea sea of 31 people that day is not very crowded, walking can be taken, perhaps that day is the day of all flowers released head. No, I went. It was so crowded, it was more crowded than a big gathering. Never join the party. You go on weekdays, but it's different on weekends. Your friend replies: Don't go, a kilometer walk half an hour I went today, huge congestion, all people, today is also good weather, catch up with the weekend, I more than 11:30 back when people and to go to the outskirts of Shanghai also just opened a day don't understand, what a good look, circle of friends one by one are in the show thermometer, and then all in the show cherry blossom ground people mountain crowd, really cool