Shanghai peach blossom shrimp

In Shanghai, peach blossom prawns are now on the market during the peach blossom season. And the most delicious is Laizhou peach shrimp, more than ten times more expensive than Shanghai, more than 200 yuan a catty has not goods. I haven't seen one so far this year. Laizhou peach blossom shrimp delicious reasons one is shallow water, the second is Laizhou Bay sea water salt is low, the water quality determines Laizhou peach blossom shrimp thin skin, soft skin, meat is not to eat mouth, Peng, Huang east sea production compared to is completely not a road. So Laizhou peach blossom shrimp and Laizhou swimming crab are very famous as Laizhou's business card. This season in previous years, Laizhou relatives will take some to taste the fresh, do not know this year the shrimp can not see the fast extinction, tell the tube can not buy more money, it seems that the resources of Bohai Bay is getting poorer and poorer. Big yellow croaker price is the future! You're absolutely right. Scarcity is valuable. Strictly control offshore fishing! The development of offshore Bohai Bay's growing oil and gas resources has definitely had an impact. How much is the peach blossom shrimp in Laizhou a catty? Last year Laizhou most expensive sold to 300 catties. This year, there are no goods, extinct, there is a little bit of the hotel took away. This year has not eaten, my favorite sooner or later will catch the fried leek that is a perfect fit to eat Shanghai, Shanghai is cheap or live. Laizhou's are all cooked. How much is it per catty? Last time I bought $20, I think it's been over 100 and I haven't seen it this year. This year, there is no market in Shanghai, only see kabei shrimp. There is no stock. A few days ago, I said I couldn't buy more than 300. It's definitely fresh. Oh, that's a good drink. Just don't want to eat Laizhou this shrimp commonly known as "prawns", before and after the rain began to have, at this time the taste is also the best, the skin is not hard, generally do so: leek cut into five or six millimeters, sweet potato powder cut into small pieces or cut into fine sections, add fried chili oil, soy sauce, salt, mix together.
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