[People's voice] Is this place in Shanghai the big brother who opened the forum before?

Isn't this place, it feels like it's been closed for years and hasn't been rented out yet. Which one? Big pot rice, say these three words all know, you do not know it is not the forum old man I also remember this person. I don't know where the store is. Aye. Still miss Big brother house steak pot haha, haven't eaten that big pot now why? I miss his fried chicken, and once I couldn't remember his screen name, Golden Melody? Yeah, yeah, and then he went to sell leather shoes, didn't he, and he was still happy? Yeah, yeah, couple. No ligament this position is really not good I know the name is called big pot rice in the beginning of happiness is later forgot to call what ginger pot or what
I washed my hair at night. It's still dry. It's cold at home. Cooling rain is coming soon. Wondering how this week is going to go. 12:20 PM. Are there any awake? Beware of catching a cold. Why don't you blow dry before going to bed? This makes it easy for moisture and cold air to enter the body through the scalp. No air conditioning? Haaaaa - Looks like you're sleeping alone. Is it that cold? My home is just very warm, did not feel cold we are saying that the day is cold, you are reasoning about other people's families, imagination is rich. Drink some white wine to warm up
Today, there were three people who asked me to borrow money and I was thinking that you were kneeling down and Shouting to my ancestors that I did not take loans. I used to be a 2, but I can't be a 2 forever. I'm evolving, too. One is a good friend who owes me not for several years, one is a semi-familiar friend who said that the running points were offered by the next home, the court called him to answer the phone at any time, ready to Sue, he borrowed money to dot. There is a more outrageous, just met a few times to borrow money, said to help him. Shop money is not enough, the key people are not in Shanghai in Longkou, are his mother when I am rich, I also borrow rice under the pot. Your story is really a lot of stalls, supermarkets belong to the service industry, will contact a lot of people, a lot of things how do you look so good to talk to you 20 years ago, I met a QQ plus friends to borrow money, 200, I was moved by his story, really gave, called, I was also very difficult. Looks rich. Today is the 31st, the end of the month. Credit card payment is due. I was a Qingdao some time ago, I was on a business trip to know, I went, I borrowed money twice. I'm really convinced, I'm not familiar with you, you are testing my IQ, you can't feel sorry for the old pot, if your IQ is good, you won't have borrowed twice. Can you see that the boss has a good face and a good heart? I don't know what to think… I didn't lend it to him anyway… I can't…