Are companies like Shanghai still socially responsible?

I live in Qishan District, and just after 12 o 'clock this morning, I was awakened by the sound of rushing water, and the heating company began to drain the circulating water from the heating pipe. Why drain in the middle of the night? I wonder if this will affect the residents' night rest? Why are you so eager to let all the water go? You really don't want to delay a second, do you? Are you afraid that when the temperature drops in two days, the government will allow heating again, and you will make an excuse that the water has been drained and the heating cannot be provided? When the heating temperature is not up to standard or when the heating compensation is stopped, you always have various reasons and excuses to throw the pot and blame, and when it comes to charging, it is positive and incomparable. To put it bluntly, this is an enterprise that lacks social responsibility. There are many so-called entrepreneurs in China not only have no sense of responsibility, but also many people have no humanity. This is still a public utility enterprise, which has no moral bottom line. Whether it is a state-owned enterprise or a private enterprise, it is in order to save costs and create more profits. Oh, no, it's worse than Chow. It's all about the money. It's called a feature. Accept your fate! Be happy about nothing! And you can stop whining and complaining. With that time, take a good look at the door, and try to follow a single rich woman. The great people have no power and no money, and this life is over, and the next generation is not going to suffer. Ordinary people are not people, please respect yourself. I wish you success in hooking up with rich women. Shanghai, the pattern is too small. The so-called civilized city. Civilized city is a diaper for civil servants and public institutions to add welfare benefits. Close valve in advance, wet maintenance with full water to prevent backwater noise.
Since ancient times, China's preference for sons has continued to the present, how many men are used by their parents to become a mother's treasure man, without a little responsibility, such a man is not suitable for marriage, more unsuitable for children, because his own psychological age may be only 5 years old, can not afford to bear the name father. Various reasons, forcing women to become more and more independent, they do not want to grow up so fast, but the reality is forced, immature can do? Now the marriage rate is low is not unreasonable, China since ancient times the idea of son preference has been continued to the present, how many men are parents used to become a mother treasure man, without a little responsibility, such a man is not suitable for marriage, more not suitable for children, because his own psychological age may be only 5 years old, can not afford to bear the name of the father, but your woman earn that point is not enough to beggar, Don't you have to rely on a man to feed you and your baby? Well, think about it, it's better to go through life alone with all kinds of people… Both men and women… Don't try to be antagonistic, just make it Korea, okay? Why don't you look at Western independence… There is no need to oppose, and look at the cold and warm in the world. If you don't get married, you don't get married, you don't get married, you don't regret it in the future, but this man is a little crazy, five months of children, and he never thought about the danger? Since the reform and opening up, women's family status has improved too much, women feel that the whole world owes her, and it is difficult to get married. A lot of them are not meant to be antagonistic. Long-term inequality between men and women has made a large number of men, including women, unable to face the value of women's self-pay. On the contrary, they think that women are too aggressive. Because they take a lot of women's work for granted. They could not understand why the bride price must be high in order to get a wife, why the rural young grandmother can do nothing to eat, drink and play. Why so many older leftover women prefer to stay single rather than get married. Why so many daughters-in-law think their mothers-in-law owe them something. And they attribute this to the low quality of women, the poor social atmosphere, and the high status of women. Is that true? And some women feel virtuous and generous by letting it go. Sometimes looking at some of the responses on social media, I feel that there are at least 800 years to go before I face these things. In fact, many people find a partner, and now they require various conditions. Slowly forget the most should pay attention to the character, the feeling of contact. And news is news because it's not much. Women should be brave to live for themselves, do not be bound by family, children, marriage, these things, to boldly pursue a wonderful life, have no regrets and unrestrained life. The guy's got a problem, but the girl's okay?