Shanghai adds a new customized bus for shopping

The reporter learned from Shanghai Public Transport Group that in accordance with the 2023 line network optimization and upgrading plan, combined with public feedback, in order to further facilitate Chinese medicine college students to Laishan New World Department Store shopping, April 1 (Saturday) from the opening of Chinese medicine college to New World Department store shopping customized bus, passengers can buy tickets through the "Shanghai customized bus" mini program. First, the line goes to the direction of New World Department Store: From the Chinese medicine high school, along Binhai East Road, Binhai Middle Road, Yinhai Road, Qingquan Road run to New World Department Store. To the direction of Chinese Medicine High School: from New World Department Store, along Qingquan Road, Quanyun South Road, Binhai Middle Road, Binhai East Road run to Chinese medicine high school. Second, the site set up Chinese medicine high school, New World department store. 3, departure time (running during weekends and holidays) TCM high school: 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00; Shinsegae Department Store: 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00 Or the student money is good to earn it, Yangma Island school here to the city direction train too few, especially weekends. right
I remember that he must have been 28 years old when he applied for a job, 985, was a graduate student in the philosophy department of 985. If the exam can not be compiled, this professional, personal thought to the enterprise, it seems really difficult to have any great use. At that time, I took about 6500 in January, the boss thought half a day, and gave the graduate student 3000 a month. Now education has been failing, is the children graduate, the vast majority can't do anything. Got social re-learning. Never study philosophy without money Making money is not the only goal of education, or even the main goal. A person's lack of success can not all be attributed to the failure of education. 30 years ago, a colleague of my unit, graduated from the department of Philosophy of Peking University, switched to the unit to do accounting, a few years later began to have the CPA exam, a year passed the exam, and then came to the accounting firm! This is to the social self-study transfer, I learned foreign trade English, not on the table level, to the society was suspended for a long time, before self-learning to do websites and so on. Peking University graduate student's learning ability is still very strong, as long as he is willing to learn, the average person can not surpass us two change over, you will not provide other people's phone numbers? But education is not the only way to success. Many parents are too stupid to know if capitalism has a philosophy. Sometimes, it is hard to say good or bad, maybe his family is not short of money, he does not like the high-pressure environment of 996, find some work with physical strength, no brain, no sense of the world, in fact, it is also very good. I hated picking leeks when I was a kid. I couldn't sit still. Now I like to pick leeks, so quiet, also quite relaxed right, a year to win six doors, quite powerful, people have strong learning ability graduate students are tickets. Niu, Master of Peking University. How painful it must be inside. I don't know what other people think about what you said in this post, but I don't believe it. Since he has the ability to be admitted to 985 colleges, this person's learning ability should be very strong. Even if the professional is not right, do other entry will be faster than the average person. According to my experience, the comprehensive quality of serious undergraduate students is far higher than that of junior college students of the same age, not to mention technical school students. In today's era, it is an era of lifelong learning in all walks of life, and it is not enough to rely on the books read in the university, but to lay a certain foundation. If you really want to make a big achievement, you have to rely on continuous learning and hard work in the later period. I didn't say he'd been pulling a wagon. For two months.