I went to my best friend's house in Shanghai and I was ashamed

The last time I sent a envy bestie, a friend said I miss someone else's lover. Shame me for days. I really worship the family, can prop up the door, know cold and heat. Just say the words in my heart, to me very he has that kind of good feeling really can not, between people to talk about some fate, bestie home male master again good, we are not moved. Do you have any of these? Working face to face in the office together for years but can't talk about love, no sense of foot? ! That is the other people's expensive not this dish has to busy for a long time I think my cousin in the restaurant is also very good at cooking, better than this, but to live, each family knows each. Most of the time, seeing is appearances. Talk about other people's family men cook delicious, do not know what can be ashamed of the fresh people too familiar with the bad hand like the back of the two fruits, this can leave, weak weak ask: can you pack? Cold dish is actually that one side, everything can use this material to do and learn a few good hard dish bestie home male master again, we are not tempted. Do you have any of these? The dishes are quite like ah, can you miss a little? Come up with an idea. Come up with a good idea. It's important that he doesn't miss you and that men who like to cook at home are usually losers
Then cut the kidneys, the corneas, the heart. Yes, desperate. It's terrible. It's a total loss of humanity. That place seems to have local armed forces, different factions, operators just collect money, as for how the money comes, that is not the operator's concern ~ interests constantly signal, there are reasons. Civilians see only the surface. Thank you, not on the surface of the busy to so harmonious and loving. Do not dig deep. The relationship between northern Myanmar and the mainland is unclear. It is said to have deep ties with a certain field and it is said that the Hong Kong tycoon has shares there Yes, I have such questions. Then northern Burma has been my Chinese territory since ancient times, okay? And South Tibet. So those organs are used by poor people? Security
It's easy to talk about other people, but what if the characters came in? Change yourself into western empress, into Leo, into the devil six and so on. Would rather be right and insufficient than evil and excess. Japs 6? Brother Juntong 6? I thought you were talking about Zheng Yaoxian overthrowing them and making himself emperor!