Shanghai mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel, also afraid of moral kidnapping

With this kneel, I don't know. A lot of idle like to be a demon of the old people who take the initiative to kneel no one good. There's no good reason. Kneeling is kidnapping. The old man is a powerful character proud to kneel down to the young people, the old life says longevity! I always find it really annoying that you have something to say, crying and rolling around! Spit and scold
For example, the class to move things, will arrange tall male classmates to do, if it is your child, you will communicate with the teacher a few or a special person to do some work to do some work, the school can have what work to do some work not what, boys don't be so delicate I remember school was arranged to work, I am particularly happy, This depends on the child's own feelings, if received such a task is pleasant, have a sense of achievement, let it go. If the child does not like it, then explicitly refuse the teacher. Don't worry about whether you will offend the teacher, whether you will be treated special. My son is often the teacher when "labor", his size is not high, also not fat, it doesn't matter between classes, sometimes the class was called away by other teachers, he said "who let me learn well, less lessons also nothing" I am indifferent, he is willing to do. When I was in elementary school, after the summer school started, I pulled weeds first. The highest two or three boys in the class have a parent, because of this to find the teacher now the child is not the same, then do something, that your son is high, the first three parents in the class said, the child said home because he is tall, so the teacher always arranged for him to move books, move tables and so on. Then she found a teacher because of this matter may be afraid of children suffer a loss in the heart have a whisper ah, outsiders will always say that do some work to eat what loss is exercise, may be as a parent anxious this is not willing to? Did you put your kids to work? Otherwise, exercise it is a glorious thing that is big brother, my daughter in high school did not look up to some female classmates two people carry a chair, feel delicate, she herself a left and right one, I am told as long as pay attention to safety, do more tired, do not use the brain at a young age to do less, there is a brain to use in learning I encourage children to help teachers do some work, Especially staying on Friday to help the teacher clean and set up the exam room, not too tired. Children do more work valuable teachers will arrange you to do things, if not particularly difficult, should be an opportunity. Forget it. I can do some work. I can exercise the kids