Why is there no bus service at Shanghai Airport?

Even if there is only one train from the airport to the train station, it should be OK? Is it lazy government, or interests because far, a bus, how long to depart? There's an airport bus that doesn't stop… And 21 road time is about it, open a trip to the railway station about an hour and a half, but can facilitate the masses of Fushan and Zhifu district the most wonderful thing is, planning a subway line one, with a big circle around Zhifu, development zone, Laishan district, and bus snatch business. Big cities have airport subways, and the airports of small and medium-sized cities generally have buses that hinder airport buses. Interests are interests, you let the airport bus how to do the planning of Shanghai is terrible, just like a shit taxi is more convenient than the airport bus, and it takes a short time to open a direct to the season home station on the line, and then pour 216 to it. Yes! Harmonious society, always let Shanghai have a bowl of rice! A large family is counting on the airport bus to eat! Penglai Airport Station, Dajijia Station, Bajiao Station, Foxconn Station, Aeon Dream City Station, Development Zone Management Committee Station, Development Zone bus station. Set seven stations can be, after getting off and changing to 21/ high-speed rail bus line 2 to the city is still a little short, you can directly connect to the railway station to take a taxi is too expensive, Shanghai Transport has government subsidies we use a fixed black car, basic other cars 150, he gave us 120 to 130 and it is very convenient to meet the plane, Once our plane was more than an hour late, and the driver waited for us for more than an hour. Especially the flight after eight o 'clock in the morning, leaving at six o 'clock! The bus is not suitable
People have subsidies, people have subsidies Shanghai what inexpensive schools are cheaper than outside, but my children did not eat all school before, go out to eat, the cost is higher. There is also the family committee to organize the collection of money day school network, a child to collect 200 yuan, pure waste, can be a class to spend 200 to buy an account to use, this is good, a class to collect 10,000, the total number of classes in this high school ah, not one hundred million ah? How do people earn money so easy ah practice English listening, high school with the hope that your education department at that time to do more transparent and more progressive, looking forward to the time when children do not waste money as soon as possible to my child junior high school a meal 13 yuan! I think it's mostly cheap vegetables, not much meat! Can Shaoxing compare with Shanghai? Are you kidding? People can't compare with people, some people make 70 a day, some people buy a big flat without blinking when the budget is not low