Shanghai forum men, if your wife does not make money you will hate it

Because of some problems in the property of the community, our unit would like to find someone to organize some things to negotiate with the property. I thought I'd ask this neighbor. She has twin girls, middle class of kindergarten. Asked after a simple chat only a few words, but let me have thousands of thoughts. I have been doing online shop for seven or eight years, business is not good this year, so I always want to work. But the second body is not particularly good, she delayed several work. My husband doesn't want me to work either. But I'm really not one to stay idle. I can't believe that the neighbors in the same unit are going through this experience. I don't know what to say. Looks like her kid's grandma came by the last few days, and she went to work at the factory with her date. This husband is really not good, in fact, women look at children very tired, more tired than work, the most important thing is to give up their own life. Outside the system, most people may earn five or six thousand yuan overtime, and less than ten thousand. Raising a family on your own is a little difficult. Rich people are another story. This husband really has a problem, two children at home, wife at work, who will see? Look at the dialogue is a person with two children, if the mother-in-law to help can go to work, do not come to help the children throw at home regardless? You are talking about workshop workers in ordinary factories. Now there are many industries with high salaries, such as banks, securities, real estate, procurement in companies, programming in software companies, factories and middle management in companies. Now chefs in large restaurants have a monthly salary of eight or nine thousand yuan, truck drivers and excavator drivers have quite large salaries in the past two years. What you're talking about doesn't talk about things like that. This old man is a bragging, careful to be green such a husband, but also what he does, quickly send him a green hat these things he does not know? Nothing more than because the woman palm upward, and there are two children drag, there is no choice, so brazenly take each other. The evil of human nature. Family economic conditions are good, many wives do not go to work. Because of my work, I often travel for about 15-25 days per month. Daughter-in-law not only to go to work, the unit or a single day off on Sunday, usually have to take care of two sons, although she also make a lot of money every month, but there is still a deep apology in the heart, feeling that she is too hard, but also really not easy. Those who can earn money to support their families will not give up, those who can't play screws to pay the mortgage can't be a full-time wife, and have to put down their noble stature to work. Not a very expensive figure. Four - and five-year-old twins need to be managed. For the average employee, real estate and banking are not doing so well at the moment. Real estate is not paying wages. They're laying people off. The bank can not complete the deposit and loan task is only three or four thousand yuan. Praise for your daughter-in-law is an ordinary family, feel to be a full-time housewife or to consider clearly, because poor couples Pepsi sad, fuel, rice, oil and salt sauce vinegar tea must be rejected ah, have money can be better
A few days ago, I went to my friend's house to play, and saw the way her lover spoiled her, which made me envy and don't want to live. Home clean shiny a little messy things do not see, the kitchen corner a little putty, the original thought of friends do, Qishidu men do, at noon to do four dishes a soup, the delicious soup is hard to eat enough, the craft is super good. Home as soon as you enter the door feel warm and comfortable, the atmosphere is very good. To say that her lover's character is not quite irritable, during his family something to discuss with him, his tone is not gentle, just as a bystander did not feel angry, but feel that should be against each other, the three views are quite right. The way of doing things is very kind and tolerant but not conniving, the kind of upright attitude is admirable. The first time I went to my best friend's house, he smiled from the beginning to the end, and it was like a spring breeze. Speaking from the heart, I have rarely met such a harmonious family. I do everything my best friend says, deferentially. Envy envy. Let's talk about your husband. What's he like? Let's talk. Do not take the winter of your family love to go than the spring of other families, who have ash at the bottom of the pot, perhaps in the place where you can not see the unspeakable difficulties in the family, men and women can not unilaterally excessive pet, you pet me in this aspect, then I feedback on the other side of the pet you, unbalanced there will be problems than popular dead, do not always more normal heart… Be yourself. My two good friends never know how much money fuel rice oil salt sauce vinegar tea, more do not go to the market, what do I do, live like two fools happy every day, their own life, do not envy anyone, suitable for their own is good this article and provide a standard for single women to choose a boyfriend, this article also increased the number of older leftover women. Each has his own good to marry me, I also spoil you, people's energy and time are limited. Men are people too. A man who cleans and cooks has less time and energy elsewhere. Like making money. I do the same thing at home, marry me dogs can't feed too much love is mutual, your best friend must have something worthy of husband, you just don't know it. Yes, this is the way, happily accept every gift of life, not waste every day you see only what others want you to see, there must be a side you can not see. I have a big golden dog outside, husky at home otherwise it's easy to stage "From slave to General" Haha haha Everything is good in other people's homes, so men have to find other people's women to be concubines