Shanghai Street Food: A delicious journey

Shanghai is a city full of energy and food, and the street food is not to be missed. Both tourists and locals can enjoy the authentic taste of Shanghai here. Let's explore the culinary journey of Shanghai street food!

First, we went to Shanghai's most famous street food stall, the Bund Food Street. Here gather a variety of food stalls, whether it is pastry, pastries or stir-fry, skewers, everything. Here, you can taste traditional Shanghai dishes such as Xiaolongbao, Shengjian Bao and so on. These snacks are known for their tangy aroma and exquisite workmanship, and each bite is memorable.

Next, we come to Shanghai's old town, where the alleys near the Oriental Pearl Harbor a treasure trove of snacks. These snack shops may not have a shop style, but they can bring you a real food experience. Whether it is stinky tofu, stone pot fish or crispy siu mai, each snack has its own unique taste and preparation process. Here, you can see the lively queue of people, because everyone knows that the snacks here are too tempting.

Let's talk about Shanghai's night market food. Whether it's a snack stall in Yu Garden or a night market on Changle Road, there's something here to satisfy your craving for good food. Night market snacks are popular for their wide variety, whether it is barbecue, pancakes, desserts, cold drinks, each snack can make you feel the unique flavor of Shanghai. Here, time seems to stand still, you can taste the food while feeling the lively atmosphere of the night market.

In addition to the above mentioned places, there are some small alleys, corner restaurants are also treasures of Shanghai. In these shops, you can get a more authentic taste of Shanghai. For example, in a little-known shop in Changning District, many people come every day because the snacks here are particularly delicious. Such small shops can be found everywhere in Shanghai, as long as you have the patience to search, you can always find some hidden delicious.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of Shanghai street food, whether you like salty, sweet or spicy, there is something to satisfy your taste buds. In this city, every bite of snacks is rich in history, culture and human touch. So, when you come to Shanghai, you might as well wander the streets and discover more snack treasures!

Shanghai street food, let you feel the charm of the city on the tip of your tongue. Come and taste it!