Discover Shanghai's new tea Forum and enjoy the delicious tea of Shanghai!

In recent years, Shanghai's tea culture has flourished and various teahouses have sprung up. Among them, Shanghai New Tea Forum Love Shanghai has become a mecca for tea culture lovers, gathering many tea experts and tea artisans to share stories and knowledge about tea. Here, you can taste the special tea from all over the country, understand the varieties of tea, the production process and the elegant tea tasting etiquette.

First of all, let's take a look at the background and characteristics of Shanghai New Tea Forum. Located in the heart of Shanghai, this teahouse is known for its elegant setting and diverse tea offerings. Entering the tea house, you will be attracted by the fragrance of the oncoming, as if you are in a tea garden. The interior decoration of the teahouse is full of artistic sense, making people feel as if they are in a classical Jiangnan garden. There is a wide variety of tea here, including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, etc., whether you like light green tea, or pursue rich black tea, here can meet your taste.

In addition to the diversification of tea varieties, Shanghai New Tea Forum Love Shanghai also pays attention to the inheritance and innovation of tea culture. Every day, professional tea artists perform tea art performances for guests in the tea house, showing the use of tea sets and unique brewing skills. You can personally participate in it, feel the perfect integration of soup color, aroma and taste, and have a deeper understanding of the charm of tea. In addition, tea houses often hold tea culture lectures and tea tasting activities, so that tea culture can be more widely spread and promoted.

For tea culture lovers, Shanghai New Tea Forum Love Shanghai is a true paradise. There is not only a wealth of tea knowledge waiting for you to explore, but also exchanges and sharing between tea friends. In this teahouse, you can meet many like-minded friends, they come from different places, but have the same love for tea. You can taste the mellow taste of tea with them, exchange tea knowledge and experience, and jointly pursue the sublimation of tea culture.

As a teahouse integrating tea culture, tea art and the exchange of tea friends, Love Shanghai is not only loved by the local people, but also attracted the attention of many foreign tourists. They came here to experience Shanghai's tea culture for themselves. The service quality and tea quality of the teahouse have also won unanimous praise in the industry. The staff of the teahouse is friendly and friendly, good at recommending tea for guests to suit their taste, and providing professional tea tasting advice. The quality of tea is also an important guarantee for the tea house. In the process of tea purchase and production, the quality is strictly controlled to ensure that every cup of tea can bring guests the best taste and enjoyment.

To sum up, Shanghai New Tea Forum Love Shanghai is an unforgettable teahouse, where there is a rich variety of tea, professional tea art performances, warm and friendly service, but also the sharing and communication between tea friends. If you are interested in tea culture, you may wish to visit Shanghai New Tea Forum to love Shanghai, accompanied by tea and share the fragrance of tea. Whether you are new to tea culture or a tea connoisseur, here you can find your own tea tour!