"And 6 beautiful women fall in love", short play game can fire for how long?

"Hao Hao can not have a father" "just want to give Hao Hao a home".

If you can understand these two words, then you must have played recently or watched the game UP master played "Screwed! I am surrounded by beautiful women" (hereinafter referred to as "screwed").

This game is not complicated, as the name of the game, the simple summary is that the player uses the first perspective of immersion and six beautiful women "love". Hao Hao is the son of Lin Yueqing, a hot mother character in the game. Unlike most games, the six beauties are played by real people, and the story evolution is no longer a "dynamic PPT" but a video.

With the name of "the first domestic love science fiction film", this game has a very high heat as soon as it was launched on October 18 - the first week on the line won the Steam country sales number one, the global sales number twelve, the current country ranked sixth, ranked in PUBG, Apex, CS2 and other high DAU, TOP100 list for several years behind the products.

In fact, "Screwed" has a simple story and a slightly crude production, but it currently has a 95% positive rating. "You all say this game sucks, I don't know if it sucks. In real life, I am a 'diaosi', and now it is rare to have a beautiful woman take the initiative of my game, I am really tempted." Similar comments echoed the sentiments of most players.

In the context of the game industry for a long time without a big hit, "Screwed" this low budget, small production game, like a bomb, not only blew up the industry, but also greatly exceeded the expectations of its production team INTINY studio. Statistics show that the game can bring the studio more than 20 million dollars in revenue, "considered to be over-achieved revenue."

At the same time, the more widely discussed is its "short play as a game" way. The gameplay of "short play + live interactive game" has now become the next battlefield to be fought over in the game market. With the influx of players, the fire also directly burned to the secondary market, on November 6, the flush added a new concept index called "short play games".

Flush the "short play games" section

However, "live interactive games" has always been a small branch of the game classification, relying on a "finished" to cause such a big storm has been unexpected, really want to make "short play games" into a vent, there are many problems to solve.

How does dating six beautiful women go viral?

"Screwed" is special. There is never a shortage of B female games on the market (love simulation games with female groups as the target audience), filling in the "male" market blank, which has become a breakthrough point for this game.

Its plot is very simple, millions of men in debt surrounded by 6 beautiful women with different personalities, looks and people, competing to fall in love with them. And the player has to do, is to improve and each beauty between the favorability, go through 12 different endings.

In the case of other live-action film and television interactive games are mostly "dynamic PPT", this game is played by real people, casting and performance and game characters "face", the player's first perspective from the whole process, strengthen the sense of immersion.

Independent game and mobile game UP master Joe spent seven or eight hours to finish the game, he believes that the game actors in the whole process of acting in front of the camera, which is almost no before, at the same time, the game also increased the interactive AVG game (adventure game) has not seen the hitting mechanism, increase the playability, he suddenly recharge several hundred yuan.