Enlightenment of Tea Mountain: Lv Wenyang's journey of tea culture

Lv Wenyang, a management master of tea mountain, his life is like a cup of tea, elegant and full of connotation. Becoming a manager of tea mountain is not only a job for him, but also a love for tea culture and a reverence for nature.

In Lv Wenyang's tea mountain, every piece of tea is his effort, and every tea tree is a green treasure that he carefully cares for. He is well aware of the influence of the soil and climate of the tea mountain on the quality of the tea, and uses his rich experience and keen sense of smell to carefully care for each piece of fresh green tea.

Lv Wenyang's tea mountain is not only farmland, but also an ecological treasure land. He pays attention to ecological balance, adopts organic farming and natural fertilization to keep the purity and vitality of the tea mountain. His tea mountain is like a natural picture scroll, attracting many tea culture lovers to visit and taste tea.

In addition to traditional tea production, Lu Wenyang has unique insights in tea mountain management. He pays attention to the experience value of tea mountain, and creates a unique tea mountain tour line for tourists, so that people can enjoy the beauty of nature while tasting tea.

Lv Wenyang is not only the manager of tea mountain, but also the inheritor of tea culture. He often holds tea art performances and tea tasting activities to let more people understand the charm of tea culture. His work in tea mountain management is not only about producing tea, but also conveys a unique understanding of nature and life.

Lv Wenyang's management work of tea mountain is like a beautiful poem, he carefully guards every green leaf of tea mountain, presenting a picture filled with tea fragrance for people. His tea mountain is not only the origin of tea, but also a paradise full of vitality and cultural heritage. Lu Wenyang, in his unique way, has turned the management of chashan into an affectionate confession of nature and culture.