CdSb thermoelectric material

Product name
Chinese name: CdSb thermoelectric material
English name: CdSb pyroelectric material

Appearance: gray-black powder
Particle size: 20-30μm
Main ingredient: Cd0.99Ag0.01Sb
Semiconductor type: P type

Application field
Manufacture thermoelectric generators (chillers, generators, heat sources), infrared detectors, tunnel diodes.

Storage condition
Dry at room temperature, avoid light and vacuum storage, the maximum storage period of 6 months.

First abundance message
The family of Group II −V antimony compounds, represented by Zn4Sb3 and ZnSb, have great application prospects in thermoelectricity due to their inherent low lattice thermal conductivity. As an important similar compound of ZnSb, CdSb has the same structural crystallization and very similar band structure. The experimental work at CdSb focuses on the electronic and optical properties of single crystals. As a P-type semiconductor material, the carrier concentration of CdSb is significantly lower than that of high thermoelectric materials. In order to achieve a sufficiently high carrier concentration, many dopants are used, and the results show that Ag is the most effective for P-type conduction. Ag doping can greatly increase the hole concentration and thus improve the thermoelectric properties of CdSb materials.