The highest realm of life: Tibet

"The way of the sage is hidden and hidden."

Guanghua introverted, hidden, has always been a great deal of wisdom.

Life is a thousand, young people show their edge, mature people hide their capabilities; Fools show off, wise men hide.

Tibetan language: Restrain speech, grasp the sense of proportion

Confucius said, "When chaos is born, speech is a step."

Most of the troubles of life are caused by words.

Therefore, no matter how people deal with things, we should be careful in words and actions, and we can not ignore it.

The real wise men, most of them know how to stop language, know people do not comment, the governor keeps his mouth, knows how to speak, and acts to consider the details thoroughly, so as to be foolproof.

In this world, there are thousands of people in the world, misunderstanding is inevitable, misunderstanding sometimes.

Too much argument, not only useless, but only increase the annoyance.

As time goes by, you will find that argumentation is persistence, and Tibetan language is cultivation.

Tibetan affairs: accumulated, take advantage of the opportunity to act

"A gentleman keeps his tools in store for the time being."

To hide things is not to be skilled in the city and intrigue, but to accumulate precipitation day after day and wait for opportunities.

The plot is not secret, but for the burden, a moment of carelessness, will only trouble thousands of fetters.

Don't tell anyone what you really need to do.

Build up your strength silently, work hard in secret, and cultivate yourself in places where others cannot see.

Only by working hard in the dark can the foundation be solid and indestructible.

Like the rolling clouds and thunder that are ready to go, and so on, we will see.

Come or go, we have room to maneuver.

A real master knows how to bide his time and bide his time.

When you are in adversity, choose to use reading to enlighten yourself; In the good times, choose to seize the opportunity, work hard, naturally can control their own destiny.

A person, only understand the hidden things, can do things, do things, life can be straightened out.

Life is difficult to complete, in the face of helplessness in life, the best counterattack is not afraid, not sad.

Hide the pain in silence, calm and quiet, in the quagmire of life, cultivate a calm and indifferent mood.

The "stumbling blocks" on the road of life will be forged into the armor of self-salvation.

The more Mired in the mire, the more we must be calm; The more difficult and dangerous the obstacles, the more we must calm down.

People who have great ambitions in their chest often do not show their emotions, regardless of the pain or loss, they can be treated calmly.

The more you panic, the harder it is to clear your mind. The more irritable you are, the more difficult it is to control your emotions.

Really capable people, in the face of bad situations, will first calm down, will not let negative emotions spread everywhere, and then calmly deal with things.

Not in the form of color, is the philosophy of action; Calmness is the practice for people.

Big mind, the mood is weak; The bigger the pattern, the smaller the problem.