A book brings you to know the "circle of friends" of the great writer Su Shi in the Northern Song Dynasty

If Su Dongpo also has a "circle of friends", what is the experience? Poetry friends, book friends, painting friends, drinking friends, traveling friends, everything; Poetry, calligraphy, painting, eating, everything; The natural optimist, the great poet of compassion, and the good friend of the people are not enough to describe this great Song genius.

Recently, "Su Shi's Circle of Friends" published by Yuelu Publishing House was officially launched. On the basis of rich historical materials, the book starts with many figures in the Northern Song Dynasty, such as Ouyang Xiu, Sima Guang, Wang Anshi, Mi Fu, Qin Guan, Huang Tingjian, etc., showing the fate and life entanglements between Sushi and more than 30 cultural elites in the Song Dynasty, leading readers to understand Sushi's "circle of friends" closely.

In the book, the author carefully interprets Su Shi's poetry works according to the context of time, combined with Su Shi's circumstances at that time. Through Su Shi's social interactions with his family, teachers, friends, political enemies, disciples and other people, readers can see the artistic life of the literati circle in the Northern Song Dynasty, glimpse the many past events involved in the "Wutai Poem case", fully understand Su Dongpo's personality charm and extremely rich life, and see how Su Shi demonstrated his philosophy of life in the Northern Song politics of "surrounded by wolves, every step of the heart".

In addition, through examining Su Shi's social and artistic interactions, the book allows readers to have a deeper and more detailed understanding of Su Shi's social environment, as well as his philosophy of life, literary creation, artistic achievements, and religious activities, so that readers can see different faces from the familiar Su Dongpo. Although this book is a popular reading, it refers to a large number of original historical materials, literary classics and the writings of modern scholars. In line with the principle of "no word, no source, no matter and no history", the Sushi readers see is the closest to the historical truth.

The author of the book, Guo Ruixiang, is a famous writer of literature and history, focusing on classical culture and historical creation. In recent years, he has mainly worked in the field of Song history, and has published more than ten works such as "Civil Officials of the Great Song Dynasty: Observation of Scholastic Officials in the Song Dynasty from the Perspective of Reform", "Song Renzong and his Imperial Elite", "The History of the Song Dynasty that cannot be stopped at a glance", "Xin Qiji Biography" and "Li Qingzhao".

It is worth mentioning that the book "Su Shi's Circle of Friends" also includes nearly 100 illustrations of ancient paintings, including paintings and calligraphy works related to Su Shi, and is accompanied by exquisite page design and "Ding Wave" bookmark, showing the literary and artistic peak of the Song Dynasty.