3 core competencies that make people irreplaceable

Once thought over but the mountain, has become the picture frame of the scenery; The difficulties that I thought I could not overcome will eventually make me stronger.

Truly powerful people often have these three inner powers.

Emotional resilience

In a person's life, there are countless disappointments.

Fortunately, we have an ability to save ourselves: emotional resilience.

It helps us to storm our way out of trouble, to get back up and move forward no matter how many times we fall.

Whatever you want, whatever you want.

Cultivating good emotional resilience is a compulsory course for every adult.

Shakespeare said, "He who can remain calm in the midst of shock, steady in the midst of anger, and sober in the midst of indignation, is the true hero."

When you are in a bad mood, smile and tell yourself "everything will pass";

When you experience difficulties, you can also have the courage to "start all over again".

Suffering has no ultimatum, emotional resilience helps us to break through the road to growth, no matter how many times we fall, we can bounce back and set sail.

Effective communication skills

Only by mastering high-level communication can you have control over your life.

Where a person's communication ability is, his life is on which layer.

For most people in life, the initial mode of communication is based on self-vision.

For example, seeing a thing, the first thing that comes to mind is "what do I think?" in this case, what is conveyed is only their subjective emotions.

When you step out of your own perspective, you will see more objective details and understand things more comprehensively.

At this point, you have advanced from an emotional expression to a message transmitter.

But simply relying on the accumulation of information is not enough to support a high-quality communication. We need to go further, to the "value layer."

Execution is the key to opening the gap between people.

People who really want to pass an exam will not fanfare to let the world cheer for themselves, because they silently give up leisure and entertainment to prepare for the exam.

People who desperately want to change their status quo do not announce their blueprints, because the plan is suspended in the sky, the road is always underfoot.

The real execution is not to be reckless in the face of things, but to be responsible for things after thinking, and to be responsible for the results of the steady and persistent.

Do not rush to fantasy, do not be distracted by empty voices.