Apple and OpenAI in the transformative Age of Innovation

At the conference, OpenAI introduced a major update that will reduce the cost of ChatGPT by two-thirds, but OpenAI also plans to introduce more developer tools to further attract developers.

In terms of new products, the biggest highlight is the upgraded version of GPT-4 - GPT-4 Turbo model, which has made six upgrades around long text, knowledge base, multi-mode, model control, model fine-tuning, and high speed.

According to Reuters, OpenAI demonstrated its ambition to expand its ecosystem and expand its consumer business, while datanami described OpenAI as "further opening the spiggly of generative AI" at the developer conference.

As the cradle of technological innovation, Silicon Valley has never been short of great tech companies and startup stories. But epoch-making companies are rare.

Perhaps even OpenAI CEO Sam Altman himself did not think that in just one year, OpenAI has become one of the most widely used artificial intelligence platforms in the world, and ChatGPT has become the most mentioned product in the global AI field.

In the explosion of innovation brought by OpenAI, Sam Altman was described as a "genius and a madman", an ambitious entrepreneur who reminded people of Jobs.

"Silicon Valley hasn't been this excited since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007." According to Business Insider.

Apple ushered in a new smartphone era, and since then, the focus has been on what more amazing products Apple can come up with.

But over the years, Apple's innovation can only be described as "micro innovation", and as a result, people have begun to question Apple's innovation ability. Its movement on phones and operating systems is no longer exciting, and the development of new products and technologies is slowing down.

Today, OpenAI has become a leader in the wave of innovation in the technology world, and while competitors are still moving forward for the generative AI industry, OpenAI has begun to do the platform and ecology. If OpenAI's next step is the "Apple of AI," what's next for Apple?