You can always tell which one is in-laws at a wedding. You know why?

Nephew married, these two days can be the cousin tired out. When the host said that both parents on stage together, at a glance to see which is the mother-in-law, this is why? ☆ Will not see the appearance of ☆ The most brilliant smile is the in-laws! We all know ☆ It is easy, one is the donor, the other is the receiver, the receiver sent out a foodie, natural smile such as peach blossom ☆ white picked a big living, I am not happy. One hundred and eighty thousand dowry. Two or three years to get it back. ☆ After the girl married, she must be old tears, in the busy life, we often forget to appreciate the beauty around, forget to cherish what we have. Love life, is an attitude, is a kind of ability, is a choice. It's about how we treat each day, each moment, each smile, each touch. To love life is to love life and cherish the beauty of every moment. It can be the warmth of the morning sun on the windowsill, or it can be the quiet of the stars at night. It can be listening to the melody of a rain, or it can be savoring a cup of coffee. No matter how much pressure and trouble life has, we can find happiness in the details and feel the beauty of life. Let's find the strength to love life from around us. The laughter with friends, the kindness of strangers, and the gifts of nature are the best gifts in life. When we learn to be grateful and learn to share, we will find that the power to love life is around us. Imagine that when you walk down the street, you are greeted by smiling faces, and you will feel the sunshine and warmth in your life. When you see a stranger helping others, you feel the goodness and beauty in life. These are the expression of love life, they make us cherish life more and love life more. In order to make us love life better, we can start with some small things. For example, give a hug to a family member, a smile to a friend, a greeting to a stranger. These seemingly insignificant actions can make us feel the warmth and beauty of life more. In short, love life is a kind of ability, a choice, an attitude. It makes us cherish life more and love life more. Let us start from today, to feel life, to love life, to cherish everything we have. Because life is our greatest wealth. ☆ Great writing. ☆ When you send this post, you want to find someone to help you speak. But look who's standing with you. Everyone's views are surprisingly consistent. Oh, fuck! You're not allowed to comment on a stupid post like this? And that I was daring across the screen! Doll, the law is protecting you! ☆ The words Gaogu Lou hair even if, right your brother, or friends, elders, relatives said, is completely stirring up trouble, which do more, do less, are for this family, people have their own days, you have counted relatives. Hehemu on the line, you can not see the ☆ home is two people, housework should be two share, high income, not a legitimate reason to do housework. That's no reason to confiscate a man's wages. If you really do not want to do housework, you can take care of the nanny. Doing more or less housework is another thing, but there is absolutely no excuse for not doing housework. Good body and mood, free, able to do a little more. On the contrary, you can do less, which can promote the harmony of the family atmosphere and is also good for your health. ☆ There are 125 comments on your article, "One stone to stir up a thousand waves" caused so much traffic, from a business point of view, the effect is very good. The platform needs this kind of article. There are those who speak on the side of the man, those who speak on the side of the woman, those who speak from the perspective of both sides, and those who speak from a neutral position. Yeah, I got it. It almost snapped. In his heart, he did not think that it was just a copywriter. Not necessarily true. A fight leads to conflict and hurts the relationship. It's your own pain. Remember, just copy for entertainment, there is no need to take it too seriously! Heavy in participation, heavy in entertainment brother daughter-in-law salary is almost twice higher than brother, every day after work is brother cooking, washing pot, washing clothes, wages are also under brother daughter-in-law management, looking at some uncomfortable in the heart, this marriage is really who is low wages who will undertake housework? Who gets paid more gets a say? Although the pay is low, the work is not easy, and housework should not be divided into divisions. ☆ May be your brother considerate daughter-in-law, to you this how changed the taste? ☆ I heard that some people earn more than women and do housework. More women, more men, more women. What do you want to do? ☆ ☆ Life is mutual ☆ This is capital, accept it! So am I! The only way is from ☆ my salary is higher than my daughter-in-law, I not only shout special housework, but also from time to time a few words ☆ What do you worry? ☆ ☆ Do not see, you go to their house chores package ☆ As long as your brother has no opinion, this is absolutely no problem, you don't worry about ☆ all the days of each family, other couples you love I wish, you an outsider need not mix. ☆ It is good to manage your own home, marriage is like wearing shoes to know that your brother is a man with love, a man does not love his wife only may have an affair. ☆ If in turn is your brother's high income sister-in-law bear all the housework, presumably you do not have such a big resistance to it - after all, tired is the daughter of others, after all, many families are so ☆ ☆ all day to night idle eat radish light worry, your brother did not say what, people's housework you urgent what ☆ Do not do annoying aunt sister? ☆ My family has this blessing you have what law ☆ brother is Shenzhen so many nail shop is opened for men now like to do nail art will not go to do housework ☆ You are not idle? Don't you have your own family affairs? What do other people's family affairs have to do with you? The economic base determines the superstructure and the status of the family. ☆ High salary has the right to speak….. I just want it…. ☆ You are sister I think you can operate, you are a brother is to worry about ah ☆ the economic base determines the superstructure