People from Shenzhen are in Shanghai

I have been in Shanghai for almost eight months, and I miss the cold rice noodles, hot baked cakes, copper pot fish in Shenzhen… ! Fortunately, in order to endure the Fanny pack, ☆ GP men and women, plus Yunnan township group, Shenzhen also have ☆ GP foreign food is not delicious? ☆ What to do in Shanghai ☆ I can fit in with no matter where. ☆ In different places, more than a point of homesickness! ☆ Came to Qingpu District to play ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Became a dry battery, charging, discharging. You'll be back when the light goes off. ☆ Yams will guard every Yunnan people in other provinces. ☆ Are you a man? ☆ Think of Shanghai people in Shenzhen, Whampoa district of the floating over ☆ Mojo can not keep outsiders, don't go over the car pier that day! ☆ The feeling of the master of the floor, and the old husband in Shenzhen miss Shanghai flatbread bread and wine dumplings, 1 like 1 like. ☆ ☆ Aim at the four places, can earn money to eat what you want to eat… ☆ Jiangchuan girl? ☆ Woman, I come to find you to play brother daughter-in-law salary is almost twice as high as brother, every day after work is brother cooking, washing pot, washing clothes, wages are also to brother daughter-in-law management, looking at some uncomfortable in the heart, this marriage is really who pay low who will undertake housework? Who gets paid more gets a say? Although the pay is low, the work is not easy, and housework should not be divided into divisions. ☆ May be your brother considerate daughter-in-law, to you this how changed the taste? ☆ I heard that some people earn more than women and do housework. More women, more men, more women. What do you want to do? ☆ ☆ Life is mutual ☆ This is capital, accept it! So am I! The only way is from ☆ my salary is higher than my daughter-in-law, I not only shout special housework, but also from time to time a few words ☆ What do you worry? ☆ ☆ Do not see, you go to their house chores package ☆ As long as your brother has no opinion, this is absolutely no problem, you don't worry about ☆ all the days of each family, other couples you love I wish, you an outsider need not mix. ☆ It is good to manage your own home, marriage is like wearing shoes to know that your brother is a man with love, a man does not love his wife only may have an affair. ☆ If in turn is your brother's high income sister-in-law bear all the housework, presumably you do not have such a big resistance to it - after all, tired is the daughter of others, after all, many families are so ☆ ☆ all day to night idle eat radish light worry, your brother did not say what, people's housework you urgent what ☆ Do not do annoying aunt sister? ☆ My family has this blessing you have what law ☆ brother is Shenzhen so many nail shop is opened for men now like to do nail art will not go to do housework ☆ You are not idle? Don't you have your own family affairs? What do other people's family affairs have to do with you? The economic base determines the superstructure and the status of the family. ☆ High salary has the right to speak….. I just want it…. ☆ ☆ You are sister I think you can operate, you are the elder brother is to worry about ah ☆ economic base decide superstructure you manage too much ☆ The division of labor of husband and wife you do not speak, worry about ☆ there is routine ☆ high salary, in the outside have the ability, the society to get more money, should be in the home to dominate, speak. If you want to maintain a family, you can only pay in the family. Otherwise, someone with a higher salary will be looking for a quality man with a higher salary than her. ☆ There is nothing to spare ☆ Mojo. ☆ Mojo is not this problem! Be clear when you're looking for someone! Find a woman who can do the housework on the line, men do laundry and cooking problems! ☆ High salary, like such a man! The reverse is also true. ☆ White economics, the economic base determines the superstructure, no way, accept it! Or find a way to raise income. ☆ GP strength talk ☆ Love your brother dearly, I suggest you go to their house to share the burden of their brother, rest assured, not long, sister-in-law will give you a place to let you a family! ☆ Who are you from him? Live in the Pacific? The tube is that wide? ☆ The life of the family you do not much tube, as long as your brother happy, my family is also like this, I cook my husband washes the dishes, his salary is higher than me, the child did not go to kindergarten before I have raised me for 3 years. ☆ ☆ She is willing to line ☆ ☆ income determines the family status ☆ is not water stick ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ My daughter-in-law salary is higher than me, she cooked I washed the dishes. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. We don't live a respectful life, but it's pretty comfortable. Men and women match, housework is not tired. How much you earn is for reference only. It's unfair to cover everything. ☆ There were problems with the three views of the main building. The other couple lives, who does the housework who is paid a high salary, and you have a relationship? Are you looking for discord in your family and looking for discord in others? There is nothing to do when you are full to research and dig the ground, go to your brother's house to do housework, and compete with your brother and sister for a job! Eat shi full nothing to do. Many family conflicts are damaged by outsiders like you, and people like you deserve to go to nursing homes. ☆ She changed to you, you will not come to ask this question ☆ You are also too eat radish light worry, which matter, as long as the other couple, happy, husband for a lifetime to cook husband, there is no problem. You this call nothing looking for trouble, affect other people's husband and wife feelings, and, ideology is too heavy! ☆ ☆ The law of the jungle is applicable to any scene. ☆ Life is other people, too bad to get you talk about how? ☆ There's no reason to worry. It doesn't matter to you. ☆ You are not your brother ☆ people happy, husband and wife feelings, happy very ☆ junior high school political and economic basis determines family status ☆ People's life harmony and happiness, for love to pay you what injustice? ☆ ☆ Life is other people's, he is willing to hurt his wife, you really much ☆ as long as your brother is willing to do, nothing to do with you ☆ Elder sister don't so many things people's things, close to you what ☆ the day of the couple to the couple themselves, they do not feel that you say a harsh point, in their small family is an outsider, don't mouth. Otherwise it will cause family conflict. ☆ Women must earn money and do housework? ☆ GP sad, you subsidize what your eyes are red, risk for forced strange ☆ Your brother did not say anything, you are not comfortable with what, really can not watch to help your brother ☆ do not stir shit, people live people's days with you have a fart relationship, if you leave, your brother to make a fuss you ☆ Your brother does not have the ability to do housework at home ☆ Your brother is willing to ☆ my own good, Don't meddle in other people's family, or end up on both sides of the ☆ GP think from another point of view, perhaps this is your brother love wife? Moreover, between brothers and sisters, if they have their own families, have their own families and lifestyles, it is better to respect their own ways. ☆ ☆ ☆ Sister-in-law advise you to mind your own business ☆ Sister-in-law: close to you ☆ You are fun, to put it simply, a willing to hit a willing to endure, when you can see is your brother to do housework, you can not see when it is your sister-in-law doing, as long as two good, not noisy, you have to do so much what… ? If your sister-in-law doesn't do anything, and your brother doesn't like your sister-in-law, then your brother is incompetent and can't eat your sister-in-law, and you can't control this kind of thing.