Are there left and right stories at night? Sit and wait…. Yao Cheng Liang

If I sit on a stool, wait, and watch! The main character came out to tell the story, you have to be happy dear left, it is a snow night, remember that day we drove from Linshan back to Yuyao that snow night? Snowflakes are flying, so beautiful, I wish the time had stayed on that day. Dear, I have been paying attention to your post recently, I want to say, dear, live our life together, okay? Let those worldly things go. There are too many helpless and too many choices on the road of life, but the only one we can choose ourselves, although a little lacking in some aspects, but my ideas you understand. Every day, youth is interpreting our story, even if it fails, at least each other's youth memories, dear, in fact, I have nothing good, thank you so look up to me, I will work hard, although now even their own do not live themselves, but for our future, I hope you give me a child, even if male or female worth mentioning, I'll give her the best education, the prettiest clothes, and I'll try, my dear. I know you are a good girl, also I know cherish a good girl, for the future, for each other, too many words can express what? Let's do it… Youth, we work hard for each other, while young, play a piece of Jiangshan, old we have to rely on! That happened so fast, a pair of 13 o 'clock move a chair and look at the right side should break the apple back to her because love broke the phone of course broke a gentleman to get a driver's license. During the interview, the examiner asked, "When you see a dog and a person in front of a car, do you run over the dog or the person?" Without thinking, the man replied, "Of course it was the dog." The examiner shook his head and said, "Come back next time." The gentleman was very unconvinced: "I don't run over dogs, should I run over people?" The examiner yelled at him, "You should brake." This kind of question should be answered by my daughter, brain teasers, huh. The hero's change of heart is the trigger for you to ask for money? But he's not very rich either. Aren't you trying to kill him? He just how to point wages, why should it, the past is over, and you also start well, before you get married, you don't want to invest your own money down, buy a lesson. Ah, the past let him in the past, why, who are not good about Posting in the forum, personal views are different, the statement is different who is right and wrong, and now how can you say clear lessons ah, unfortunately in love, is not understand you said she is afraid of the place… Her eyes are only on the right side now… You can't get to her, you're not a man, it doesn't matter to her… hahaha