Scene reproduction

Left! I'll always be on your right! (Love is higher than the sky, I want to be the tallest building in the city!) Hello, left, I am right, today is December 30, 2010, one day from 2011, you said that 2011 is your lucky year, I hope that the lucky messenger is me, of course not me, I also hope to accompany you to go on, no matter wind and rain, no matter hunger and cold, you have me along the way, each other around! Help each other and walk, life is originally a great joy and sorrow cast, although now I have a small starting point, but I hope to work with you, work together, struggle together, create our mutual high point, celebrate a total joy. When we are old, we sit together under the tree, talk about our past, and recall the way we walked together. Left. Don't be so insecure, okay? It can be said that through tomorrow, we are together for 2 years, the days together, with sincerity in the exchange of solid, God arranged two people together is not easy, perhaps fate let us know each other, perhaps coincidence, but everything is not important, two people together is to cherish, cherish every day together, cherish every second together! With a true heart, sincere treatment. Life is very long, you are always so not confident to see me, in fact, I have nothing good, hope to find a simple person, congenial to each other, together with the family for a lifetime! Like the feeling of walking with you, very comfortable, like such a temper of you, never let me have any pressure, the only thing is not confident. Of course, maybe some of my reasons, always let you think so, I will use practical action to prove that they are not what you think. Life is inherently varied, but my life hope is very simple, as long as accompanied by you! Thinking is a little confused. The only thing is I don't want you to think about that. Left. I want to stay on your right. Men cheat women's tricks this literary talent is quite good, but the result of men ah TM is the Wolf this is where this is from, but also directly print once clearly in love… It's hard to let go of resentment now… How did the two protagonists come to this stage, from the sweetness of you and me to the bitterness of gnashing teeth? For the specific plot, please keep an eye on the posts of the two protagonists… Right and wrong, love and hatred, there is always a clear time… I hope you two can deal with this peacefully and amicably… You also make me believe that in this world, love is really only worth so much… Thank you! What situation to eliminate 0 reply I tangled, do not understand. Very hot scene… How to predict the future look at the next breakdown of summer, you naughty to see it… It's just, like, broken up, settling scores… Hello, the girl on the left, seeing you fighting here, and looking at the two ids that have witnessed your sweet, constantly shaking our eyeballs, may I ask, what do you want to say to the majority of fans? Looking forward to witnessing the two sweet children's shoes, can provide more information for me to write the first half of the film - "the past sweet" part of the future do not want to be a man ah, I am looking for meat friends have been eating wowo, there is no drop of oil in the dish… So love, do not worth it. This is ridiculous. Oh, did Brother Xiao summarize again? Haha these days, there is no love… No, just a slight addition… Xiao Shuai, you really tight ah, it looks like you can make a lot of money seems to have seen the real left and right oh, but whether it is a woman or a man, are really not very impressed