Event proofs for left and right

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A man must have his own career, must have a salary to raise a family, otherwise even if the marriage will not last long. When falling in love is romantic, send gifts, send festival is cruel. Material is the minimum guarantee of marriage

Certificate. Don't say that money will become bad, that is no money people comfort their own words, people rely on their own to do, men should assume the responsibility of the home. Resist the temptation outside. It's not about money. That's right. But I don't think this is him

Two things prove wrong in that they did not love to the end, two people half half, can only prove that women still can not put down. If I am on the right, I must return all the money, even if not, borrowed also also, being chased by a woman to return the money, really

But now even if it is returned, the woman should not give up like this, drunk weng's intention is not money ~ If right has a salary enough for left to squander, do you think left will leave him? I bet it's impossible. Brother, you don't seem to understand ~~~~ no

Because the right side has no money, the left side wants to leave, but the right side has changed its heart, the left side wants to return the money to the right side. You have nothing to do when you are full, a group of chicken women, other people's things want you to control ah, no money how to flower through you just look at the surface, you think left will

Leave him because he's underpaid? Face, the key is what I said here. Change of heart? Get hairy. I don't know if a man has a bad color. Forum big Immortals play how many women, why their family Gu Nojin soup, why they are old

Keep your eyes shut? Do you think some things are as simple as you think? Now that you put it like that, it's hard. My husband and I have no money from love to marriage, the first section sent less than 1000 yuan of things, I

Dad wants him back. No. But I believe our love is sincere I convinced dad, or mean to accept a little, to get married rich gift, their family took 20,000 dollars to come over, this time my dad is dead or alive. But I still believe

Our love, falling out with my dad, or followed my husband, and then the adults could not do anything, and finally agreed. Now my husband is also very good to me, we always believe that there is true love. There is love, there is hate, it proves that love was before

. This means that left will leave because right is not rich enough… Do I understand this correctly… I have bread I mean, at least have a salary to support the family, after all, the boss is less, life has to go on, men meager

The salary relative to each woman is also a lot of pressure, even if the man is so handsome, the basic to protect. Not like the big boss. left is not mature enough, a lot of things have not considered later. It's just slow when you touch it

Discovered. If you don't love it, let it go. If it is true love will never care, they can only prove that the original motive is not pure. With the idea of the floor, take a once twice back to nothing, every day, uncomfortable. Yes.

Ah, my husband said that those are colleagues, he does not want to take them every day, but can not pull face. Get them used to it. My husband is like a kid. When something happens, he's so happy. Today finally don't have to bring hehe, liberated but

It's hard to say no to that. It's a terrible thing! Say no, it is a colleague who meets every day, ah, bother… Well, if you don't, drive yourself away, and then people will say behind his back, so stingy, but I'm a little girl

Sometimes people will be jealous, today is not on the way to take which woman pull, O(∩_∩)O ha! Some colleagues are like this, my car has not yet started, he (she) they sit in. Sometimes even if you sit down, the main problem is safety. I

Call my cousin to take me every day, I am also embarrassed, or their own bike, but they do not think so, as if it should be taken. This is the nature and quality of people is good or bad, if we let others help what drop, our hearts always

Will feel very embarrassed, it is best to return immediately, do not owe others. Other several women are married, go to their husband's house, only a woman has not married out, every day to sit my husband's car, lonely men and widows, disorderly hate ha ha, this

You have to trust your own man, I said safety is, traffic safety… I also do not want to let the woman ride alone husband also do not agree with me to ride alone in other people's car, male is, I just tested my husband, I said that other men can

Take my car, he said you come on, hey, occasionally with is OK, but as a bus that is wrong. Help the owner to think about countermeasures, it is very difficult to resolve the problem, I am also trapped. Helping others is the foundation of happiness, now young people ah.

… Well… Ha ha, I believe, maybe I am relatively small, do not like my husband and other women alone to help me think about it, ha ha said the voice of my heart, whether male or female, as long as their other half is close to other members of the opposite sex

Point, how much will have some idea, the main idea to understand.