The best way to handle a carload of three people

Let your class teacher to pick you up {▲} feet clop tricycle, see if he still check, early start. {▲} eight car is not allowed to sit children {▲}{▲} you dare to open uncle dare to deduct car fines deduction points, what? You say you have no driver's license deduction points, congratulations you like to mention 5 to 15 days of public dinner {▲} in Guangzhou two rounds of three are no right of way {▲}2 rounds of not to open, but also open three bungee! There are so many idle driver's licenses and no place to use them. But Yadi's three trampoline some sell, do not know whether it belongs to electric motorcycle or electric donkey {▲} wrong, should be the old scooter, really seen on the way to school, no one in charge of {▲} building ah, this is abandoned road, to be patient. At that time, all the way to Luyang, Zhou City, Ba City, Shipai, Changshu have to go from here {▲} Now Zizhu Road from Huanqing Road to 339 sealed off, Kunbei Road has been blocked into a dog, it is impossible to move it, please ask the relevant departments Kunbei Road renovation project when to start? {▲} Want money, before the transformation of Zizhu Road, what is that thing, the sidewalk is not good before, a mess {▲} when to repair? {▲} A few roads in the north of the city are too broken, even the dog is not willing to run {▲} Originally said that it is not expected to start in August {▲} Don't worry, it is expected that December 31, 2023 to surround the road first, anyway, I encircled the road in 2023, tell the outside world that I have been ready to start, and then when to start that is later, {▲} Kunbei Road is too broken, quickly repair it {▲}{▲} North of the city road, it is really difficult to say ah. High-tech zone doesn't take this place seriously. Never seen a code for a {▲} connector? This is to touch the bottom of the pot burnt, you can cook again to burn coal, too amazing, good magic ah {▲} This is a belly with ink under the chicken egg {▲} is not there science? Artificial eggs exist, but the price is very high, if you buy it at the same price, it will be OK to donate it to the museum, and the bonus plus small red book is running towards you! {▲} Quickly to the natural decryption, at least can shoot 5 level {▲} This is a bad guy {▲} This is a bad guy ah. How expensive artificial eggs are. Artificial eggs are expensive. High cost, low price, stupid. {▲} How much does the egg cost? Artificial eggs don't pay