Room 1917, Building 21, Royoshida International, is suspected to be a fraudster company Guangzhou

entrepreneurial Road 21 Yoshida International 21 Room 1917, suspected of being a liar intermediary company, they cheat you, give you a job, let you pay the fee, the fee, wait for you to pay the fee, they said, we will give you work arrangements, give you say, where, where to wait, the result you go, to the place, people do not know, this is a matter, you say gas, not gas, This is still the first step of cheating, if you say that you did not give a job, want them to return the money, they will say, you do not go to work, do not give you back, such a liar intermediary company, why, the relevant departments of Guangzhou do not go to check that. Their boss is a surname we know,, what to say what to which surname boss Cao phone 1825165XXXX please do not go where {▲} hateful liar {▲} do not doubt, that is, {▲} do not doubt is, I have a friend was cheated there before, the police are useless, As long as a part of the money back {▲} we know more liars, why also send money every day, ha ha ha, {▲} do not doubt, this place is, no matter how many floors {▲} floor is just come to Guangzhou? A little not confident {▲} In that building, as long as you look for a job, pay first, all are liars. It's been a long time, and no authorities have taken care of it. It is estimated that the relevant departments are not good at managing {▲} that place is a liar {▲} This routine has existed for many years. Don't doubt! For Guangzhou, in addition to the temporary inability to reach Zhangpu, Guangzhou has realized the track connection between the north and the south, and for Suzhou, the track connection between the east-west main axis of Sukuntai has been realized. It's good to each take what he needs. I can't believe someone thinks it's bad... Feel bad, you plan, you build... The first phase of Line 9 is less than Guangzhou bar {▲} Line K1 will become a reality. Shiro said well, we will all say {▲} everything is wonderful. {▲} How can't... Those who talk down the Guangzhou Taicang section of Line 9, disgusting everyone with the so-called gossip... Line 9 Guangzhou Taicang section will not be missing a single... It is not good for one reason, did not go through his toilet {▲} I just want to ask really go? {▲} I personally feel that line 2 to the east through the east station, to the north through the South station Zhangpu, Guangzhou walk Yingbin road will be better? Behind can also be with No. 9, No. 17 transfer how good, to Taicang can be No. 11 line, the pursuit of speed and Su Xichang, so K1 realized, TongTaicang realized, Su Xichang also realized, personal views do not like to spray {▲} from the first publicity two months, the second publicity should come out of Taicang netizens do not worry, The Taicang section of Line 9 is very promising to enter the fourth phase of Suzhou Metro planning... Everybody have faith... {▲} Those who sing down the Taicang section of Line 9 are short-sighted... Set your sights a little higher... Don't be like a mouse, your vision can only reach the mouse hole... Do not learn cockroaches, eyes stay on the garbage... Do not learn flies, staring at the defense turn every day... & # 39; How many stops are there in Guangzhou?? {▲} Come on! More gas! More gas! {▲} I am confident, but the expression behind you let me lose confidence {▲} Then you rest assured, that expression is just a habit suffix... The government is dead poor, so save it