Haihong Road west extension land expropriation is coming, open soon

To Xinwu Street can relieve the pressure {▲} Zhangdou Zhangdou {▲} Well, the land needs to be expropriate, and the formalities are a problem {▲} Bailu South Road to Huayuan Road, Xiao澞 Road south extension, Baima Jing Road south extension, is good for Guangzhou city and Zhangpu, if these three roads are all south extension, I am willing to donate 200 yuan for the project construction {▲} Baima Jing Road south extension, How can the small 澞 river road south extension, Bai Lu Road and Baijing road south extension enough {▲} ZhangPu development is limited by the bridge across Wusong River ah! Is {▲} started? {▲} opened? I went to I also rewarded 5 copper motherlay, really helpless ah {▲} he stopped the place is not a parking space, and the owner of the car ???? Generally are private pull, do not have an accident is happy, no one wants to destroy the neighborhood, once the accident is finished, light the house was burned depreciation, heavy casualties. The security problem is OK, mainly blocking the road ah, which makes others in and out of trouble {▲} Village committee will write the application, stamp effective, do not write the application is private wire. {▲} This electric box, is not rain proof, ah, how do it rain? {▲} Flying line pulling tow line plate is certainly not possible but guanfang can. {▲} Your this is not what, our community charging head directly placed on the outdoor gas pipeline {▲} This waterproof? Call 119. This must have been installed by an individual. {▲} Sparks, passion for the charging pile of new energy vehicles can be so installed? Isn't it safe to install it directly outside the corridor? Does the Rongyuan Property and Power Supply Bureau allow such a charging box to be installed? {▲} must be able to otherwise how it is on this side, does not comply with the law do not know {▲} The world is not strange {▲} mainly not installed in the parking space, you can park in front of it, hurt each other ah {▲} slow charge. Residential electricity that {▲} demolition community and the old community are so do {▲} The community is installed in their own garage door {▲} The old community on this problem, their home pull a 220V, slow charge slowly charge it is {▲} This is too single, the road blocked charging, a mess ah {▲} demolition community, as long as the village stamp agreed, is the default. I want to contract to get a parking lot charge + sell breakfast, do not know which yamen can find application? Guangzhou Development Zone Planning and Construction Bureau on track S1 line road restoration and comprehensive renovation project - Kunjia Road station east square land and its ancillary facilities site announcement {▲} Development zone is best not to do, the old guys are difficult! {▲} Urgent need for P+R parking, non-motor parking. {▲}{▲} eat melons passing by {▲}{▲} specific to build a what? Do not understand {▲} build a large children's playground {▲} found in the upgrade, a bit like the city invested {▲}S1 line is what? A new one?