In Kunshan, a monthly income of 7,000 yuan is considered a high income, isn't it?

I'm 4000 more a month. {▲} Aladdin's salary is not high {▲} have to look at many aspects of commute working hours holiday benefits and so on; Comprehensive actual monthly surplus how much our company has just graduated from this salary {▲} excluding other income (investment, stocks, financial management, rent, etc.), 7K is the salary of most people {▲} Forum average monthly income of more than 20,000, housing basic flat floor start {} more than 4,000 even, because you can feed 2 people {▲} in Guangzhou is, In Guangzhou forum is not {▲} think more, to reach 50,000 is {▲} do not know, anyway, the forum per capita 30,000 +{▲} couple a 7500 two people 15,000 to cut off the mortgage living expenses, and surplus food, than a person with 20000 some better {▲} You this algorithm is in accordance with the annual income of the average monthly income? Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2022 shows that the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents (permanent residents, including the elderly and children) in Guangzhou in 2021 is 67871 (equivalent to 5,656 / month), of which 43,540 (equivalent to 3,628 / month) wage income, 5,445 (equivalent to 3,628 / month) business income, 10,395 property income and 8,491 transfer net income; Urban non-private units (including state-owned, collective, joint stock cooperation, joint venture, limited company, joint stock company, other domestic enterprises, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment, foreign investment enterprises, The average salary of employees is 104,762 (equivalent to 8730/ month), the median is 91,979 (equivalent to 7665/ month), and the average salary in 2022 is 5500/ month, 7000/ month, which is the high salary data, and what is the caliber? Most of the workers in Guangzhou are factory production line operators, five days eight hours do not work overtime is 2280 base salary, overtime is actually two jobs, outside the system of workers five days eight hours can take 5000 even if mixed well, except the system of whips as for the annual salary of millions, Guangzhou listed companies have dozens of, F10 inside to see the annual salary of the board of directors of the board of supervisors, few more than one million, is the forum braggart are listed companies chairman and president? {▲} is nothing to find trouble Lord {▲} can be on the middle but in fact this income of life is the bottom of society unless you have other sources {▲} continue to fuel, life is not easy. {▲} is talking about the basic salary! It may be that the per capita disposable income of Suzhou and Guangzhou newspaper is almost Shanghai, the actual income of Shanghai is 1.5 to 2 times that of Suzhou and Guangzhou, look at the pension, the same years of service in Suzhou pension is only half of Shanghai, if Suzhou Guangzhou income is really similar to Shanghai, there will not be so many people every day across the province to Shanghai to work, In addition, per capita income tax, Shanghai per capita income tax of about 9000, Suzhou Guangzhou per capita income tax of less than 3000, see per capita deposit, Shanghai per capita deposit is twice that of Suzhou Guangzhou, Suzhou Guangzhou is too big, but the economy is very hollow, there is no local industry, all rely on foreign investment, and now foreign investment has gone to school in the first village a younger brother's daughter-in-law, Guangzhou threw ID card that company, online live to lure high-salary recruitment, said 27-28 yuan per hour, after I confirmed that there is such a company, a person excitedly took the train to come, and finally: the first month is like this, after a month basically according to the minimum wage, the factory lived a night, my home lived a night, on the way home. That's five or six grand a month. {▲} hourly wage 2500 did not dare to say so {▲} a month 20000, anyway, the pocket always no money, expenditure is too big don't be **, continue to reoil {▲}7000 hand can, in Guangzhou {▲} a lot of monthly salary of more than 2000, annual income 10+, this data can not see {▲} you can get on the road interview to see… {▲} How to look at it, if there is a house and a car without loans, then this salary is still comfortable {▲} Annual salary is not a million, I am sorry to post in the forum {▲} where the minimum wage standard is placed {▲}{▲} Some people do not understand the difference between listed company executives' salaries and equity, wages are issued by the company's finance, The vice president of the ordinary manufacturing listed company in Guangzhou is about 50,000 a month before tax, the equity is like this, such as a friend to open a small company, you buy into 1 million, you buy into, if the company is bigger and listed, you are a billionaire, but there is a 99% chance that the company will fail. Listed company directors get rich by equity is to pay the risk consideration, that is, gambling to win Baidu Jiangsu bar inside Suzhou last year according to personal income tax data, annual income of more than 1 million only more than 9,000 people, Guangzhou counts Suzhou one-fifth, about 1,800 people, most of them are foreign general managers and deputy general managers of foreign enterprises. Every day in the forum are all idle, can not be a big company general manager deputy general manager {▲} salary is confidential, please do not publicly discuss {▲} when the monthly salary can be over 7,000 is good {▲} Guangzhou Forum town everyone is high income {▲} this 7000 yuan see how to come, five days eight hours that no words, The whole month overtime 7000 even if less {▲}{▲}2500 passing {▲} anyway my salary does not have to pay taxes {▲} system are more than 10,000, ordinary enterprises normal 5.6 thousand {▲} forum from one million {▲} a month more than 7000 is really high income! The feeling is that the government is actually doing something, which is the welfare of the common people. {▲} Not villagers, have not heard. Help. This is very good, hope that the city also push down {▲} hope that the city to promote this {▲} this Jiangsu province a lot of rural areas in the application, the general hospital costs of more than three thousand after the part can be reimbursed, but the cost of reimbursement is not a lot, if not surgery only chemotherapy and other drug treatment program, basically 500 ~ 900 times, But compared with no one's 30 yuan payment standard is still worth paying {▲} High-tech zone Huaqiao Dianshan Lake Land home has a blessing village guarantee, other places have not carried out this welfare for several years. {▲} Guangzhou why not the city unified {▲} the notice is only the Huaqiao Economic Development Zone share economic cooperative members to participate in, the field settled to Huaqiao is not able to buy ah? I tried to buy myself seems not to be able to {▲} good Hefeng section of direct elevated, Jingsha Road there are on-off ramp {▲} look forward to the early completion of traffic {▲} closer and closer {▲} He said may be Huangpu River Road and Hefeng intersection this intersection more traffic, need to dredged! {▲} Huangpu River Road Jinyang Road intersection right? Rest assured that this bridge will be directly elevated all the way to the east of the Central East Line (Huangpu River Road) over the {▲} He Feng section to the Central, far away! {▲} will not be far away {▲}{▲} China Garden Road Express road what project?? Specific and final publicity, some sections of Zhonghua Garden Road will be rapidly transformed