It is suggested that Zhangji Road and Zhan East Road be opened up

which can divert some of the traffic pressure of Dongcheng Avenue All the roads connecting to the main road should be opened up the difficulty of crossing the railway is not generally large, look at the Changjiang Road {▲} to see if Guangzhou has a plan, it is not that you can not wear the Shimao piece of the east of the city to the south, either Central, or Dongcheng Avenue, and then along Shanghai Avenue, It seems that there is no other road {▲} I passed yesterday and seemed to see Zhangji Road to open up to the Station Road, it has been constructed, and the river at the south end of Zhangji Road has been under the iron plate and it is estimated that the pile will be driven. If you open up here, you only go south to Jinyang Road at present, and think of 312 you have to wear the highway again, and it is difficult to wear the high-speed rail at the same time. Huangpu River Road and Dongcheng Avenue do need a north-south connection between the channel, a few years ago also blew, these two years simply do not mention from the distance point of view, the compromise is Taihu Road south extension to 312 in the center, but Taihu Road itself is too narrow. Then Dongting Lake South Road, Lu Jia Zhaotian Road, straight to 312... Do not know the monkey year Ma Yue, it is good to open up the Zhangji Road and station east Road connection can be separated part of the east city Avenue traffic pressure, and then a back if the flower bridge high-speed railway station opened can also make the east of the city in the past more convenient to ride the flow of people can also rise, the last one of the most important is the road at the end of the mill road under the railway is really rotten enough, There is no way to widen the repair then it is better to build a new road to meet the daily travel of the surrounding people! Personal views only for discussion, you also please show your leniency, the subway has been open for 2 months, the bus at Xiaqiao Station has not been done yet, the road is sealed, the suburban rural lot is not the place where the leaders are concerned, how long we are looking forward to opening this road, every time it is said that the railway is not well constructed, not well constructed, the nearby area is 3 resident communities, All the others are factories, chicken drops fart is not, and there is no selling property, so convenient for you, don't kill me. {▲} This can have. First of all, Taihu Lake Road, Dongting Lake Road, Wusong River Road, Jinshajiang Road are not through it {▲} I also do not understand why this road is not open, the difficulty is not big {▲} last time I went once, could have taken the path, the path was destroyed {▲} Dongcheng Avenue early repair it {▲} there is no plan here, On the contrary, the south extension of Dongting Lake Road is discussed. {▲} This road has been speculated before, and it seems unlikely at present, even if Zhangji Road is being renovated now, there is no sign. And the middle needs to cross the old train track, as well as the current parking lot between the two communities, which indirectly leads to the problem of insufficient parking space. {▲} The road there is a mess The community moved from Saint Gracias to East Hui Yuan for two years, the door is closed all day, the window can not see the light for 24 hours? I wonder, what is the reason, the community that can't see the light all day, has not considered the physical and mental health problems of the community staff {▲} dark community {▲} you this psychological dark, pull the curtain is to prevent the sun straight you go to the summer to shoot if you find any corruption clues can be reported directly {▲} The curtain opened, people outside see are inappropriate, And of course, the fact that there are so many dead trees is also a factor that exacerbates direct sunlight. The magnolia behind the window fell to the ground 20, the owner reflected, the industry committee said it would reflect, the property said we would reflect. Chow will say no one reported it? The fact is that the East Hui edge has died hundreds of trees in a year, all pretending to be dead. At the beginning of the year, the green land of the electric transformation of the Shengya Garden community has also been damaged, and the marble curb has been basically re-planted recently, and the marble curb has also been repaired. {▲} Only when the window is closed, can you not see the problem of the community {▲} When the window is closed, you can not see the small yellow advertisement posted everywhere in the East Hui edge community {▲} The curtain is closed, the community can not see the destruction of the original monitoring, the community can not see someone engaged in monitoring projects, Can not see the collusion between inside and outside the whole community posted advertising everywhere to take the time to finish it {▲} Then left Bailu road to Zhongshan Road this section of the blocked road {▲} The other side must not move {▲} Embroidery bridge is an important bridge in Guangzhou city! Is not to say that a hundred years of mother, is it not every day to withdraw every day to build {▲} the road is getting wider and wider, the car is getting more and more blocked {▲} after sending children is convenient {▲} Chaoyang Road expansion is much more smooth than before