[Urban construction] Notice of sudden water outage in Qinzhou City on September 28, 2023

Sudden water outage Notice Dear users: Due to the emergency repair of the water supply pipeline of Jinwan East Street, Jinwan East Street (Anzhou Avenue to Yangfan Avenue), Anzhou Avenue extension line along the units and users are cut off. Water cut-off time: 09:30-17:00, September 28, 2023 (postponed in case of weather). We apologize for the inconvenience. To ensure safety, please turn off taps and water facilities in your home during this period to avoid waste or damage to household property when normal water supply is restored. For enquiries, please call the Water Service Hotline at 3696332. Qinzhou Kaitou Water Co., LTD. September 28, 2023 ┎○ Eruption again; ┎ 〇 Qinzhou's water pipe burst too easily ┎ 〇 there is ┎ 〇 gp. When did I start ┎ 〇 〇 GP reply is a virtue
What jobs or small businesses do you have in Qinzhou city? Please introduce or recommend, I sooner or later to pick up children to school, male 38 years old is not afraid of hardship, I sent a few years of takeout, put a few years of stalls, repaired mobile phones, repaired car tires a year will open the trailer, did the media for three years, did a motorcycle driver two years, into a Fu Kang factory and other factories, before are in Guangzhou Shenzhen, In Qinzhou port icon also now want to find something to do, do so much work is not afraid of you laugh oh, life must continue ah! Back to Qinzhou fourth-line city suddenly a little mystery busy can not find the direction, for your help or guidance, thank you very much ┎○ After the festival to find, you what job introduction is not? ┎.through ┐ unclear oh, a. ┐ ┎ house view is ok, a. ┐ ┎ ┎ business difficult to do now, a. ┐ ┎ ┐ can put stall in the original poster can do what snacks for bring snacks, a. ┐ ┎ ┎ ┐ ok oh, took home the balcony ┎.through ┐ what to sell! ┎ 〇 What business does the main house now e┎ 〇 GP reply is a virtue ┎ 〇 I do not tell you. Businesses that can make money are not willing to share. Afraid of peers stealing business. In addition to work or to explore their own stall to do small business in Qinzhou is the hair salon for a long ┎○ GP cut hair someone to rob business ┎○ GP a little reason brother ┎○ GP open drugstore ah, do not have to look at their own shop also do not use technology, the closure rate is low ┎○ profitable business will tell you? ┎ 〇 GP to work, the grade is almost like you, I also want to find a job ┎ 〇 GP together oh ┎ 〇 GP is also a good person ┎ 〇 GP funds are not big ┎ 〇 GP at home good love and hate to make up the knowledge of primary school, and then secretly help pupils make up lessons. ┎○ GP, ha ha ┎○ GP sold breakfast after the festival to find, you what job introduction? ┎○ There is no!