[City news] Mid-Autumn Festival to send warmth, for the elderly alone to prop up the fire safety "umbrella"!

Autumn is coming, the sky is dry, the risk of fire hazards is increasing, and the old people living alone have insufficient fire safety awareness and action power, which is the key group of education. Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, members of the Xiaodong Town government full-time fire brigade came to the town's Wubao village to visit elderly people living alone, help the elderly to check the safety risks at home, and bring holiday fire safety services for the elderly. On the day of the fire activity, the courtyard of Wubao Village in Xiaodong Town was more popular than usual, the old people sat in rows on stools, and the team sat in the middle of the old people, asking the old people in detail about their living conditions and their mastery of fire safety knowledge. At the same time, also for the elderly people to explain the use of fire extinguishers. The team members also took out fire knowledge leaflets, word for word to explain to the old people, for the family common fire safety hazards, fire safety education for the old people, so that the old people to improve safety awareness, away from fire hazards. The friendly local voice in the ear, one exhortation said to the heart of the old people. 2 Check hidden dangers and send peace of mind to the elderly's residence, simple furniture contains many fire safety hazards, ashtrays are placed on the furniture near the window, and a row of inserts is placed under the messy coffee table. In response to the hidden problems found, the firefighters carefully reminded the elderly not to smoke in bed, cigarette butts can not be thrown away, and the cigarette butts of the ashtray should be cleaned in time to leave no fire. In addition, the firefighters also started to help eliminate fire hazards, tidy up the debris in the elderly room, and re-arrange the wiring to prevent the occurrence of short circuit fire of the electrical line, igniting the surrounding debris. In the kitchen, the firemen found that the old people had piled firewood next to the stove for a fire. "This firewood is too close to the stove, if the sparks fly, it will soon light this firewood, very dangerous!" With that, the fireman immediately squatted down and cleared the firewood to the side, and told the old man to find another room to store the firewood, and then take it to the kitchen when needed to prevent a fire. 3 physical practice, guard the safety of the players before leaving the old people waved and said: "Fruit to eat often, do not put bad, we will accompany you after a while to chat, talk about fire safety knowledge." In the past, there was no full-time fire brigade in the town, and it may be a long time to come again, because the city's 1034 administrative villages (communities), the publicity power of the county fire rescue brigade is not enough to cover all, but now the full-time fire brigade is only a few kilometers away from Wubao Village, and the team members will visit the old people every once in a while, within the scope of their ability, Fire safety is provided for the elderly. In the next step, the detachment will continue to carry out "door-to-door" publicity activities in towns and villages, focusing on vulnerable groups, publicizing fire safety knowledge face to face, helping them investigate hidden dangers at home, improving the fire safety quality of vulnerable groups, and creating a good fire safety environment. Source: Qinzhou fire ┎ 〇 GP is a virtue ┎ 〇 GP good thing. ┎ 〇 There is no ignoring ┎ 〇 gp. ┎ 〇 GP
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