[Play diary] Blue and White Street walk encounter bear fun house

Today, I went to the blue and White Street, and found that there was a new doll grab opposite the African drum, called Bear Fun House, I feel that the name is still more fate with me, I went in and walked a circle the boss said that their dolls are very easy to catch, I think it is not good to catch, the boss directly said that 20 yuan can catch two or so, can not catch up directly send you one, I reported the mentality to try to buy 30 yuan coins, the results caught 4 big, a small, my heart, what the devil, and so easy to catch the doll shop, the key doll is also very cute, the boss said you see, with you say catch, can also save the doll exchange gifts, I looked at a few fine pieces, will decisively save, hope to catch him twice and take him home, Today is really full of harvest, the mood is good ↓¤You say you are not the boss of drag I do not believe ↓¤passing ↓¤Opening ceremony ↓¤…… ↓¤Possibly, you are the propagandist of the store. It may also be the boss of the shop, doing conscience business, because a lot of catching the doll machine is good, the claw is very loose, it is difficult to catch up. ↓ ↓ ↓¤I have been, is true ↓¤The boss said 20 dollars can be out of 2 or so, 1 guarantee, if not caught, the boss can give you a choice to take away, as long as he is not empty handed, I like to catch, So I stayed for a while to see the boss say so to people, I said, otherwise dare not say. ↓¤This AD plays a good ↓¤eh, forget it, this year found happy things, share sharing, it is too difficult! Like to grab dolls, have been to know I said is not true! ↓¤Not to support is not important, if he said is true, then you go to other homes to spend the same money, nothing caught, in his home can catch, that at least is worthy of the stupid criticism and love to play heart is not it? ↓¤Help, hold a field ↓¤will do business, can make money ↓¤Oh yo yo ↓¤↓¤Buy toys in the name of catching dolls, there will definitely be repeat customers! In some places, you can't catch dozens of dollars, and everyone thinks that it is a fraud, and the people who go to catch will slowly decrease. Their home really super conscience, the quality of the doll is good, like to catch can believe me once, either fooled, or addicted, I want to catch this afternoon, good luck today to catch 30, the next catch 30 is estimated to be able to exchange my sitting model Mickey, there is a Sun Wukong and astronauts are I like, but no money, can only save a few days to catch once. ↓¤