Which city is the "back garden" of Shanghai?

Shanghai is an international metropolis full of vitality and cultural charm. It is China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center. Due to its excellent geographical location and unique status, it attracts a large number of talents and capital. However, with the rapid development of urbanization and the rapid increase of population, the ecological environment of the city has been greatly affected and has reached the state of urgent need to save. So which city is Shanghai's "back garden"? This article will give you the answer.

As an important part of Shanghai, Chongming is a city full of vitality and vitality, and an ecological barrier of Shanghai. Chongming Island, located in the northeast of the Yangtze River estuary, is the first stop at the junction of the Yangtze River and the sea. Surrounded by water on three sides, Chongming Island is the only county-level administrative region of Shanghai. With a total area of 1,083.61 square kilometers, a total land area of 903.3 square kilometers and a total water area of 180.3 square kilometers, Chongming Island is the largest island in the East China Sea in China. The unique geographical environment, rich biological resources and unique natural landscape make Chongming an important eco-tourism resort and the "back garden" of Shanghai.

First of all, Chongming Island is one of the largest ecological reserves in Shanghai, with very rich biological resources. Due to its unique geographical location, Chongming is very rich in biological resources, including more than 650 kinds of native animals and plants, which is the largest ecological species bank in Shanghai. The original ecological preservation of its natural landscape such as grassland, water, shoals and low mountains has also received more and more attention and protection, and has become an important part of the urban green ecological barrier.

Secondly, Chongming also has many unique natural landscapes and rich tourism resources. Chongming is rich in natural attractions, such as Dongtan Wetland Park, Mogantian National Wetland Park and Yangjingbin Dock Park, as well as world-class tourism resources such as seafood-based Marine park, Yupinxinggong Flower Park, Swing Lake Greenway and leisure farm. Tourists can experience the beauty and mystery of nature here, and it is also one of the main destinations for leisure tourism in Shanghai.

Finally, Chongming's environmental awareness is also very strong, and people have realized the importance of protecting the ecological environment. Chongming Island won the title of "National Ecological Island", which to a certain extent shows Chongming's determination and efforts to protect the ecological environment. Chongming has also carried out a series of activities such as "greening Chongming" and "Green Chongming", and made due contributions to environmental protection by strengthening waste classification and vigorously promoting green environmental protection measures such as new energy vehicles.

In short, Chongming is undoubtedly the "back garden" of Shanghai, and this five-star ecological island has important strategic significance for the urban development of Shanghai, especially for the sustainable development of other neighboring cities. In the coming days, Chongming Island will continue to play its inherent natural advantages, protect the ecological environment, promote the development of tourism industry, become the contact point between Shanghai city and the first surrounding area, and become the natural background of Shanghai cultural city and ecological district.
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