Big Shanghai Old Night Incense Gang: unique charm in retro style

Shanghai is a city full of historical charm and rich cultural heritage, and its night style is even more enchanting. Among them, the big Shanghai Old Time Night Xiang Gang has attracted the attention of many tourists with its unique retro style. In this bustling city, after the sun goes down at night, the old Shanghai Night Fragrance Gang blossoms into a unique charm.

Located in a hutong in the center of the city, the Old Shanghai Night Club was originally a long history of the club, and has now been transformed into a cultural venue that integrates bars, concert halls, and old Shanghai style experiences. Stepping into it, it seems to pass through the old Shanghai period of the 1920s and 1930s of the last century, and feel the charm of that era.

At night, the old night of Shanghai is brightly lit, and many tourists stop in front of the door all year round. Entering the interior, the first thing you see is a large hall with splendid chandeliers and vintage decor. Here, you can choose a sofa to sit down, taste a unique night cocktail, feel the rich flavor of that era. At the same time, the band on stage played jazz, blues and other music of the old Shanghai era, adding a charming atmosphere to the whole venue.

The retro style of the old Shanghai Night Incense Gang is also reflected in the dress up of the waiters. They are dressed in old-fashioned cheongsam and suits, adding a classical charm to the whole place. Their kind and attentive service makes every customer feel the warm hospitality at home.

In addition to enjoying the unique atmosphere of the bar, you can also experience the unique style of old Shanghai at the Grand Shanghai Old Night Club. For example, in the Old Shanghai style block on the first floor, you can enjoy many special snacks and handicrafts of old Shanghai. Taste the sweet and sour spare ribs, salty and fragrant egg yolk cake, feel the ten thousand kinds of customs of old Shanghai.

What is even more unforgettable is that every night the old Shanghai Night Incense Gang will have wonderful performances. You can enjoy the exquisite opera, dance, magic and other programs, so that you feel as if you were there to feel the magic charm of that time.

In general, the Grand Shanghai Old Night Club attracts the attention of many tourists with its unique retro style and rich old Shanghai atmosphere. In this place, you can feel the unique charm of old Shanghai, taste the thick history and the changes of The Times. Whether it is a bar, a concert hall at night, or an old Shanghai style neighborhood during the day, the Old Shanghai Night Fragrance Gang will bring you an unforgettable cultural tour.