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93 girls looking for him for life

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Marriage-seeking poster

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Doctors in the United States have performed the world's first full eye transplant

New York University Langone Medical Center announced Wednesday that it had performed a full eye and part of his face transplant on the left eye of an American man who was severely disfigured by electric shock, the world's first full eye transplant. The patient recovered well after the operation, his appearance was greatly improved, and although he still had no vision in his left eye, he had "feeling".

The patient, Alan James, 46, is an electrician who accidentally touched a high-voltage wire in his face at work in June 2021 and suffered a 7,200 volt electric shock, losing his nose, lips, left cheek and chin, front teeth and left arm. His left eye had to be removed because of excessive pain, but doctors had to preserve as much of the optic nerve as possible in case of a left eye transplant.

A team led by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez at Langone Medical Center performed a full eye and partial face transplant on James' left eye on May 27. The operation took about 21 hours and involved more than 140 people.

In the full-eye transplant, a type of mature stem cell taken from the organ donor's bone marrow was injected into the area where the optic nerve of the transplanted left eye connects to the optic nerve of James' left eye to encourage optic nerve regeneration.

James was released from the hospital on September 14 and returned to his home in Arkansas. For now, he needs monthly check-ups at Langone Medical Center.

Langone Medical Center said that while it is not yet known whether James will regain sight in his left eye, there are some indications that his eye is in good condition, such as the blood supply to his retina.

According to the Associated Press, James was unable to open his left eye when he was examined last month, but he felt it when the doctor pressed on his eyelid. But the feeling is on the nose, not on the eyelids. According to doctors, nerve growth is slow, and when nerve conduction is fully restored, the site of sensation will change.

Doctors opened the left eyelid and saw that the transplanted eyeball was as moist and full as James' intact right eye and did not shrink as quickly after surgery as had been feared. Only, the transplanted eye was brown, while James' own was blue.

James was very pleased with the results of the operation. "I can smell, I can eat, I can taste food… I kissed my wife for the first time. I want to go out in front of people without having to cover myself up with a mask."

The structure of the eyeball is complex and delicate, and the whole eye transplantation involves many technical difficulties, such as nerve regeneration, anti-rejection and blood supply to the retina. The Rodriguez medical team decided that even if a full eye transplant could only improve his appearance but not restore his vision, it would be worth it for James to have the surgery because he would need anti-rejection drugs even if he only had a face transplant.

James said he was willing to be the first "Patient Zero" to receive a full-eye transplant, and if the surgery does not restore the sight of his left eye, it will at least give him a normal-looking eye and allow doctors to learn from the operation for the benefit of other patients.

A book brings you to know the "circle of friends" of the great writer Su Shi in the Northern Song Dynasty

If Su Dongpo also has a "circle of friends", what is the experience? Poetry friends, book friends, painting friends, drinking friends, traveling friends, everything; Poetry, calligraphy, painting, eating, everything; The natural optimist, the great poet of compassion, and the good friend of the people are not enough to describe this great Song genius.

Recently, "Su Shi's Circle of Friends" published by Yuelu Publishing House was officially launched. On the basis of rich historical materials, the book starts with many figures in the Northern Song Dynasty, such as Ouyang Xiu, Sima Guang, Wang Anshi, Mi Fu, Qin Guan, Huang Tingjian, etc., showing the fate and life entanglements between Sushi and more than 30 cultural elites in the Song Dynasty, leading readers to understand Sushi's "circle of friends" closely.

In the book, the author carefully interprets Su Shi's poetry works according to the context of time, combined with Su Shi's circumstances at that time. Through Su Shi's social interactions with his family, teachers, friends, political enemies, disciples and other people, readers can see the artistic life of the literati circle in the Northern Song Dynasty, glimpse the many past events involved in the "Wutai Poem case", fully understand Su Dongpo's personality charm and extremely rich life, and see how Su Shi demonstrated his philosophy of life in the Northern Song politics of "surrounded by wolves, every step of the heart".

In addition, through examining Su Shi's social and artistic interactions, the book allows readers to have a deeper and more detailed understanding of Su Shi's social environment, as well as his philosophy of life, literary creation, artistic achievements, and religious activities, so that readers can see different faces from the familiar Su Dongpo. Although this book is a popular reading, it refers to a large number of original historical materials, literary classics and the writings of modern scholars. In line with the principle of "no word, no source, no matter and no history", the Sushi readers see is the closest to the historical truth.

The author of the book, Guo Ruixiang, is a famous writer of literature and history, focusing on classical culture and historical creation. In recent years, he has mainly worked in the field of Song history, and has published more than ten works such as "Civil Officials of the Great Song Dynasty: Observation of Scholastic Officials in the Song Dynasty from the Perspective of Reform", "Song Renzong and his Imperial Elite", "The History of the Song Dynasty that cannot be stopped at a glance", "Xin Qiji Biography" and "Li Qingzhao".

It is worth mentioning that the book "Su Shi's Circle of Friends" also includes nearly 100 illustrations of ancient paintings, including paintings and calligraphy works related to Su Shi, and is accompanied by exquisite page design and "Ding Wave" bookmark, showing the literary and artistic peak of the Song Dynasty.

Enlightenment of Tea Mountain: Lv Wenyang's journey of tea culture

Lv Wenyang, a management master of tea mountain, his life is like a cup of tea, elegant and full of connotation. Becoming a manager of tea mountain is not only a job for him, but also a love for tea culture and a reverence for nature.

In Lv Wenyang's tea mountain, every piece of tea is his effort, and every tea tree is a green treasure that he carefully cares for. He is well aware of the influence of the soil and climate of the tea mountain on the quality of the tea, and uses his rich experience and keen sense of smell to carefully care for each piece of fresh green tea.

Lv Wenyang's tea mountain is not only farmland, but also an ecological treasure land. He pays attention to ecological balance, adopts organic farming and natural fertilization to keep the purity and vitality of the tea mountain. His tea mountain is like a natural picture scroll, attracting many tea culture lovers to visit and taste tea.

In addition to traditional tea production, Lu Wenyang has unique insights in tea mountain management. He pays attention to the experience value of tea mountain, and creates a unique tea mountain tour line for tourists, so that people can enjoy the beauty of nature while tasting tea.

Lv Wenyang is not only the manager of tea mountain, but also the inheritor of tea culture. He often holds tea art performances and tea tasting activities to let more people understand the charm of tea culture. His work in tea mountain management is not only about producing tea, but also conveys a unique understanding of nature and life.

Lv Wenyang's management work of tea mountain is like a beautiful poem, he carefully guards every green leaf of tea mountain, presenting a picture filled with tea fragrance for people. His tea mountain is not only the origin of tea, but also a paradise full of vitality and cultural heritage. Lu Wenyang, in his unique way, has turned the management of chashan into an affectionate confession of nature and culture.

Coulomb made electricity a modern science

The concept of "electricity" has existed since ancient times, but the study of electricity did not begin until the 16th century with the advent of modern science.

Records of electricity date back to the 6th century BC. The Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus (624-620 BCE - 548-545 BCE) wrote that amber rubbed with a block of wood attracts small and light objects such as broken grass. In China, during the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC -9 BC), there was also a folk saying that "hawksbill turtle attracts you", that is, the back plate of hawksbill turtle can attract small objects. In the Jin Dynasty, Zhang Hua (232-300 years) in his "History of Natural History" has a description of "When people comb their hair and take off their clothes, there are those who unknot with the comb, and there are also Zha sound."

In 1600, British scientist William Gilbert (1540-1605) pointed out in his book On Magnetism that rubbing amber, diamonds, gems, etc., can attract small objects such as feathers and produce sparks during friction. He also coined the Latin word electricus, meaning "amber-like" thing or process. In 1646, the Latin word was quoted by another English polymath, Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682), in his book False Epidemics, and later became the official English word electric.

Since then, the potential of electricity in life has dawned. People began to try to design and build devices that could generate static electricity. However, it has taken more than two centuries and the efforts and research of many scientists to realize this wish.

In 1660, the German physicist Otto von Guericke (1602-1686) invented the first friction motor. Newton later suggested that the sulfur ball he used be changed into a glass ball. This machine played an important role in the experimental study of static electricity over the next 100 years.

In 1706, the English physicist Francis Hauksbee (1660-1713) improved von Guerick's friction generator.

In 1730, the German physicist Georg Matthias Bose (1710-1761) further improved the friction motor by adding a collector conductor.

In 1745, the Scottish physicist Andreas Gordon (1712-1751) modified von Guerick's machine, replacing Newton's glass ball with a glass cylinder, and made an efficient friction motor.

In 1762, the English physicist John Canton (1718-1772) greatly improved the efficiency of the generator by spraying tin amalgam on the surface of the frictioner.

In 1775, Italian physicist Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) created a type of electric starter that consisted of an insulating plate and a conductive plate, which were charged by friction. In 1799, he designed and built the first chemical battery capable of generating a continuous current, the "voltaic battery."

In 1784, designed by Dutch physicist Martin van Marum (1750-1837) and machining by British instrument maker John Cuthbertson (1743-1821), the two teamed up to build the first large practical electrostatic generator. Exhibited at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

In 1787, the English instrument engineer Edward Nairne (1726-1806) invented an electrostatic generator consisting of a glass cylinder mounted on a glass insulator, which could generate positive or negative electricity, and attempted to provide it for medical applications.

In 1831, the Italian physicist Giuseppe Belli (1791-1860) developed a simple and convenient electrostatic multiplier capable of transferring almost all the charge generated by a machine to a collector.

In 1840, British physicist William G. Armstrong (1810-1900) discovered that steam emitted from boilers would produce an electric arc during condensation, known as the "Armstrong effect". In 1843, he designed a large electrostatic generator based on this effect.

In 1860, British engineer Cromwell F. Varley (1828-1883) built the first modern electrostatic generator. In 1865, the German physicist August J. I. Toepler (1836-1912) made a major improvement to it.

In 1865, the German physicist Wilhelm Holtz (1836-1913) invented another type of electrostatic generator that collected electric charge in a Leiden bottle.

In 1867, British physicist Lord Kelvin, William Thomson (1824-1907) invented an electrostatic generator known as the "Kelvin Water Drop motor". The device uses the positive feedback effect of water droplets on the voltage difference in the process of dripping and the electrostatic induction effect of positive and negative ions in water on the electrostatic field generated in the electric dipole to form the voltage difference and generate and accumulate electrostatic charge.

In 1882, British inventor James Wimshurst (1832-1903) created the disk type electrostatic induction generator, in which two coaxial glass circles can be rotated at high speed in reverse, its triboelectric efficiency is very high, and can produce high voltage. His machine was thought to be a combination of Varley's and Holtz's electrostatic generators. This kind of electrostatic generator has been used until now after many improvements, especially in the middle school physics class for electrical experiment demonstration.

Baby King Paradise Shanghai Pujiang Branch: a great choice for family entertainment

Baby King Paradise Shanghai Pujiang Branch is a comprehensive place focusing on children's entertainment, providing a perfect leisure and entertainment choice for families. There are not only a variety of children's amusement facilities, but also a variety of stimulating and interesting parent-child activities, so that children can enjoy the fun of the game, while enhancing the interaction and emotional exchange between family members.

As a parent, you want your child to be able to play in a safe, clean and environmentally friendly place. And Baby King Paradise Shanghai Pujiang store can just meet your needs. The amusement facilities here have undergone strict safety testing and quality monitoring to ensure that children have fun while also ensuring their safety. The daily cleaning and hygiene of the premises is carefully arranged so that you can leave your child in the care of the professional team at Baby King Paradise.

There are complete facilities in the park, including a variety of children's play equipment and parent-child interaction areas. Children can run and play in the spacious and bright indoor playground to unleash their boundless creativity. For children who like challenges, the park also provides exciting and interesting high-altitude trampoline and climbing facilities, so that they can experience the excitement and fun brought by extreme sports.

In addition, the park has a special parent-child interaction area, allowing parents and children to participate in games and activities. Here, you can make handicrafts with your children, draw colors, etc., to increase the interaction and tacit understanding between parents and children. This will not only bring them closer to each other, but also foster their creativity and hands-on skills.

In addition to the rich variety of amusement facilities, Baby King Park Shanghai Pujiang Store also regularly hosts a variety of interesting and meaningful parent-child activities. You can take your children to painting competitions, talent shows, family sports and more. This not only allows children to show their talents and potential, but also gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Finally, when it comes to Baby King Paradise Shanghai Pujiang Store, it is impossible not to mention its convenient service. The surrounding traffic is convenient, with a large number of parking Spaces, there is no need to worry about parking vehicles. At the same time, the indoor air conditioning equipment also provides a comfortable environment for children, whether it is cold winter or hot summer, so that children can immerse in a pleasant entertainment atmosphere.

All in all, Baby King Paradise Shanghai Pujiang Store is an excellent choice for family entertainment. Here, children can play freely, parents can rest assured of leisure. The rich variety of amusement facilities and parent-child interaction areas, regular parent-child activities, and thoughtful and convenient service make it the first choice for you and your family. Don't hesitate to bring your babies and have a pleasant and unforgettable time together at Baby King Paradise Shanghai Pujiang Store!

Night Shanghai expresses details of the city's prosperity and charm

Night Shanghai, it is a colorful city, the essence of Eastern and Western culture, showing endless charm. In this noisy city, every night has its own expression, where the night is no longer just the beginning of darkness, but a vibrant display. Next, let's explore the expression of night Shanghai.

First of all, the expression of night Shanghai is reflected in its bustling night scene. When night falls, the city becomes a huge, vibrant stage. The neon lights of high-rise buildings flicker unceasingly, and the bright lights outline a magnificent picture. The skyscrapers of Lujiazui are like shining pearls, shining with endless light; The historic buildings on the Bund give off a strong retro atmosphere and outline a charm. In this shining night scene, night Shanghai expresses prosperity and vitality in a unique way.

Second, the expression of night Shanghai is shown in its rich and varied nightlife. In this city, everyone can find their own way of entertainment. Whether it's a trendy bar or a cozy cafe; Whether it is an elegant concert or an enthusiastic disco; Whether it's a fine five-star restaurant or a street food stall, Night Shanghai has everything you need. The nightlife here is rich and colorful, bringing endless fun and pleasure to everyone. Here, the night is no longer just the loneliness of watching the phone, but the joy of enjoying with friends.

Third, the expression of night Shanghai is reflected in its artistic and cultural feast. The city has many cultural venues and art performances, whether it is concerts, plays, dances or art exhibitions, to satisfy your artistic pursuits. In the evening, you can enjoy the music played by the world's top artists, watch the elegant and moving dance performances, and appreciate the unique artistic charm. The flowers of culture here bloom at night, bringing you into a realm full of art, allowing you to feel endless inspiration and beauty.

Finally, the expression of night Shanghai is reflected in its food culture. As a foodie's paradise, Night Shanghai has a variety of food, whether it is local specialties or delicacies from around the world, to satisfy your taste buds. In the street at night, you can enjoy delicious barbecue, hot pot, seafood and other kinds of food; In well-known restaurants, you can enjoy fine French, Italian and other fine cuisine. Shanghai's food culture can give you the greatest satisfaction on the palate and let you feel the unique charm of the city on the tip of your tongue.

Night Shanghai, the city with its unique way of expression attracts the attention of countless people. Here, the night is no longer just the beginning of darkness, but the beginning of light and hope. Whether it is bustling night scene, rich nightlife, art feast or food culture, night Shanghai tells us in a unique way that night can also have its own way of expression. Let's immerse ourselves in the charm of Shanghai at night and feel the endless charm of this city.

A bar street in Pudong, Shanghai: A red-hot night of consumerism

Shanghai is a city with a colorful nightlife, and the bar street in the Pudong area has attracted a large influx of young people. The night here is like a burning fire, full of energy and passion. Whether you're looking for a relaxing carnival or a dreamy romance, there's something you can do here.

Once you step into the bar street, you will be attracted by the charming atmosphere. The lights were flashing, the music was blasting, and the laughter was everywhere. Get away from the busy work, it is a paradise to release stress. Whether it is talking about life with a few friends, or the hard work used for hard work, here can bring you endless happiness.

Bar themes range from chic to crazy parties. If you like a romantic atmosphere, then you can choose a well-decorated bar, order a glass of champagne, and your partner is deeply attached to the balcony, enjoy the beautiful night. If you want to let your passion out, then choose a dance floor with a bright rhythm, move your body, and enjoy the excitement of the crowd.

In the bar street, everyone can find their own way of consumption. Whether you are a bold and generous local rich, or a lifestyle bourgeois fashion people, here can meet your needs. If you are a wine fan, then you can taste fine wines from all over the world and enjoy the unique taste and aroma. If you enjoy fine food culture, there is also a variety of cuisines to choose from. Whether it is a Western meal or a Chinese barbecue, it will satisfy your taste buds.

In addition to a unique consumer experience, the bar street is also a great place to socialize. There are a lot of interesting people here, both travelers from different cities and professionals who work here. Through communication and interaction, you will find a different attitude towards life and way of thinking. The people here are warm and friendly and willing to share their stories and experiences. You can make a variety of friends and expand your social circle.

Although the consumption level of the bar street is in the middle and high-end level in Shanghai, it still attracts a large number of people. People are willing to pay high prices and experience the charm here for themselves. Behind this phenomenon, it is more of an expression of the pursuit of fun and taste. People not only have to work hard in their daily work life, but also have to enjoy and relax in these places.

Bar street is like the starry night sky, and the bars with their own characteristics are gorgeous like stars. Whether you enter alone or with friends, it will bring you a unique experience. Whether it's taste, sound or sight, all your sensory needs can be satisfied here. So, if you are passionate about life, you may wish to join a few friends, come to Shanghai Pudong bar street, enjoy a hot night of consumption carnival!

Shanghai mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel, also afraid of moral kidnapping

With this kneel, I don't know. A lot of idle like to be a demon of the old people who take the initiative to kneel no one good. There's no good reason. Kneeling is kidnapping. The old man is a powerful character proud to kneel down to the young people, the old life says longevity! I always find it really annoying that you have something to say, crying and rolling around! Spit and scold
For example, the class to move things, will arrange tall male classmates to do, if it is your child, you will communicate with the teacher a few or a special person to do some work to do some work, the school can have what work to do some work not what, boys don't be so delicate I remember school was arranged to work, I am particularly happy, This depends on the child's own feelings, if received such a task is pleasant, have a sense of achievement, let it go. If the child does not like it, then explicitly refuse the teacher. Don't worry about whether you will offend the teacher, whether you will be treated special. My son is often the teacher when "labor", his size is not high, also not fat, it doesn't matter between classes, sometimes the class was called away by other teachers, he said "who let me learn well, less lessons also nothing" I am indifferent, he is willing to do. When I was in elementary school, after the summer school started, I pulled weeds first. The highest two or three boys in the class have a parent, because of this to find the teacher now the child is not the same, then do something, that your son is high, the first three parents in the class said, the child said home because he is tall, so the teacher always arranged for him to move books, move tables and so on. Then she found a teacher because of this matter may be afraid of children suffer a loss in the heart have a whisper ah, outsiders will always say that do some work to eat what loss is exercise, may be as a parent anxious this is not willing to? Did you put your kids to work? Otherwise, exercise it is a glorious thing that is big brother, my daughter in high school did not look up to some female classmates two people carry a chair, feel delicate, she herself a left and right one, I am told as long as pay attention to safety, do more tired, do not use the brain at a young age to do less, there is a brain to use in learning I encourage children to help teachers do some work, Especially staying on Friday to help the teacher clean and set up the exam room, not too tired. Children do more work valuable teachers will arrange you to do things, if not particularly difficult, should be an opportunity. Forget it. I can do some work. I can exercise the kids