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Be a happy-go-lucky person

Master Hongyi: "After doing your best, choose to go with the flow, people's hands are so big, there are too many things they can't hold, everything in the world is empty joy, nothing really belongs to you, you come, everyone is happy, you leave, your hands are empty, the only thing that belongs to you is every moment you live." Life sea sea, mountains and rivers, not beyond. Through the rain, across the years mountains and rivers, eventually you will find that life is just so. This life is nothing more than a process, after a hundred years, dust to dust, dust to dust, you return to dust. Life is a traveler, why thousands of knots. As Mo Yan said, "A person's life is a process." There is no eternal life, there is no youth, when the time comes, the old old, the old walk. In the end, we are just passengers in this world. Both for passing guests, and why persistent, grateful to meet, cherish the possession, is enough." People in this life, ups and downs, there are many uncertain factors, a lot of things we can't control, a lot of feelings we can't retain, a lot of people we can't figure out, too tangled, upset, too much care, heart tired. "Zhuangzi" wrote: "If you know that it is impossible to do anything, and if you are safe, you will be virtuous." The wise man does not fight life, but tries to allow it to happen. Allow regret, stupidity, ugliness and hypocrisy. Allow giving without return. When you allow all this, you will gradually become an all-embracing person. Can accept all the imperfection, can understand all the not easy, do not care about gain and loss. The writer Su Qin once said, "One must see the world more." Travel, reading, anything that can make the heart richer, even if you force yourself to try more. Because people are narrow, tangled, and weak, all because they have seen too little of the world." The so-called seeing the world is to see the real life, through seeing the world, seeing sentient beings, so as to understand life, see themselves, and then know the depth of life. In the face of all kinds of life, we can be more rational, more calm and calm, see everything as light, and be easygoing, casual and carefree. The Buddha said: "All the Fa in the world is a sign of corruption and insecurity." Gain and loss with fate, the heart does not increase or decrease, lost again is to complete, and must not necessarily regret. The mind and body are not stagnant, that is, Prajna. Everything in the world, try, will no longer regret; Heart, will no longer regret. Life is short, we have to learn to be kind to ourselves on the way to getting old, confused and not serious, generous and not angry, all things look light, happy-go-lucky. That's it. That's good. What group? In whose group? Who do you fit in with? In the world of the ugly duckling, the swan is also guilty, there is no need to fit in, just be yourself. -- Schopenhauer

Room 1917, Building 21, Royoshida International, is suspected to be a fraudster company Guangzhou

entrepreneurial Road 21 Yoshida International 21 Room 1917, suspected of being a liar intermediary company, they cheat you, give you a job, let you pay the fee, the fee, wait for you to pay the fee, they said, we will give you work arrangements, give you say, where, where to wait, the result you go, to the place, people do not know, this is a matter, you say gas, not gas, This is still the first step of cheating, if you say that you did not give a job, want them to return the money, they will say, you do not go to work, do not give you back, such a liar intermediary company, why, the relevant departments of Guangzhou do not go to check that. Their boss is a surname we know,, what to say what to which surname boss Cao phone 1825165XXXX please do not go where {▲} hateful liar {▲} do not doubt, that is, {▲} do not doubt is, I have a friend was cheated there before, the police are useless, As long as a part of the money back {▲} we know more liars, why also send money every day, ha ha ha, {▲} do not doubt, this place is, no matter how many floors {▲} floor is just come to Guangzhou? A little not confident {▲} In that building, as long as you look for a job, pay first, all are liars. It's been a long time, and no authorities have taken care of it. It is estimated that the relevant departments are not good at managing {▲} that place is a liar {▲} This routine has existed for many years. Don't doubt! For Guangzhou, in addition to the temporary inability to reach Zhangpu, Guangzhou has realized the track connection between the north and the south, and for Suzhou, the track connection between the east-west main axis of Sukuntai has been realized. It's good to each take what he needs. I can't believe someone thinks it's bad... Feel bad, you plan, you build... The first phase of Line 9 is less than Guangzhou bar {▲} Line K1 will become a reality. Shiro said well, we will all say {▲} everything is wonderful. {▲} How can't... Those who talk down the Guangzhou Taicang section of Line 9, disgusting everyone with the so-called gossip... Line 9 Guangzhou Taicang section will not be missing a single... It is not good for one reason, did not go through his toilet {▲} I just want to ask really go? {▲} I personally feel that line 2 to the east through the east station, to the north through the South station Zhangpu, Guangzhou walk Yingbin road will be better? Behind can also be with No. 9, No. 17 transfer how good, to Taicang can be No. 11 line, the pursuit of speed and Su Xichang, so K1 realized, TongTaicang realized, Su Xichang also realized, personal views do not like to spray {▲} from the first publicity two months, the second publicity should come out of Taicang netizens do not worry, The Taicang section of Line 9 is very promising to enter the fourth phase of Suzhou Metro planning... Everybody have faith... {▲} Those who sing down the Taicang section of Line 9 are short-sighted... Set your sights a little higher... Don't be like a mouse, your vision can only reach the mouse hole... Do not learn cockroaches, eyes stay on the garbage... Do not learn flies, staring at the defense turn every day... & # 39; How many stops are there in Guangzhou?? {▲} Come on! More gas! More gas! {▲} I am confident, but the expression behind you let me lose confidence {▲} Then you rest assured, that expression is just a habit suffix... The government is dead poor, so save it

Without you

When the world is only left with this bedside lamp you are already out in the morning, I turn around to feel you turn around countless strangers are waiting for the next green light repeatedly wrong each other fragile time, but long for the warmth of a kiss I turned off the light darkness I swallowed HO You are not when I most need to love you are not there Endless waiting like a monologue, you are not happy or sad, you are not I was hurt and then secretly better, but you are not not in the time to press the shutter many times in silence to hear the second hand rotation a person to eat this morning alone, you whisper that you have someone else My microphone only their own body temperature how serious is not necessarily true you said to me, I have to admit that HO you are not when I need to love you most but not endless waiting for the difficult monologue you are not happy or sad you are not I was hurt and then secretly better but you are not Those swing I understand all understand but you are not in love is not in you are not in when I most need to love you but not a person to play the two corners of love you are not happy or sad you are not like the air does not exist in the existence of no trace of love you are not When I need your love you are not you are not how to rub the wireless network without a password, you can also directly connect to the community, the network speed does not give force if you can enter the other party's route, you can set up a flow control and so on, if not, if the other party has not installed ARP firewall, you can use ARP spoofing tools, such as aggregation network management. Limit each other's traffic for me to use, of course, if the distance is really far away, then even if you know, use it at home, the phone is fortunately I set a password, just to prevent you, haha BT4 full name Back Track four, this is a linux environment portable system, can be put into the U disk or CD start, This has no impact on the hard disk and does not require local installation. BT4 logo is a very famous hacker attack platform in the circle, is a packaged Linux operating system, built-in a large number of network security detection tools and hacker cracking software. BT3~4 is famous for its convenient cracking of wireless networks, and the built-in spoonwep is a very powerful graphical cracking tool for wep wireless network passwords. With the popularity of wireless network (IEEE 802.11) devices, the security of wireless network has gradually become the focus of attention. Beini is a system used to evaluate wireless network security, which concludes that the use of WEP technology to encrypt wireless routers is not reliable. Beini: A wireless network security test system based on Tiny Core Linux. FeedingBottle: Why is the GUI of the Aircrack-ng toolkit running on the Beini system all about women and men? Come in every day is hurt, dead what the egg hurts ah why do so many people want to find love ah? Didn't love die when Sima Xiangru soaked Zhuo Wenjun? Because there is a fluke mentality do not understand what you say do not understand what you say after 15 years of Titanic, I will set sail for who, has sunk for 100 years. How to set sail? Is it important that you are a man or a woman? It's not important to be curious, just continue to be curious, COMEON, your signature is very good, the profile picture is very good, the signature is very good, what else is very good, continue ING profile picture is not said but lovely other good temporarily did not find me and men can chat like this. Do we need to see gender when chatting? Isn't that sexist? The engine's broken. I wanted to see… Oh…. Our name I generally do not chat, can also talk with men to a few is good to listen to good, will also sing yo, good Yaxing like to listen to ~~ If I did not listen to the beach spring when I was a child, now will still like Yue opera oh! First impressions count Sassafras! Big fairy is very elegant. It's been a long time since I've seen a full play. Listen to Wang Junan Yin sent mulberry garden to visit his wife is a kind of visual and auditory enjoyment of the beauty of Junan drama outside of the play, how many people like to listen to Yue opera, I also like. Haha.. Listening to Shaoxing opera can relax people physically and mentally, and can also gradually calm down the irritable heart… I've loved it since I was a kid, but I haven't listened to it in years. Crazy ~, all say marriage is a grave, sadly, small three also to rob the tomb Ha ha ha is, shameless in fact, they are very strong, the face can not and ya, some when the bitch also stand more hate, clearly did the third party intervene, also pretend to be ordinary friends. Nima, the New Year's Eve dinner is about to pour out, not saying ah, bitch do the most loud, the higher the archway stand some also have not to class, but also with the original steal I also hate such a woman, some also tell themselves everywhere is three, how deep love, how I feel they have thick skin! I wonder what kind of man would like them? It's okay to say you're a three. Some still do not admit, have not realized that they are three, they think it is daily contact what, disgusting ah disgusting, do a simple person, talk about a flat light love what is bad, ah as the saying goes, a slap does not ring here scold what is the use, the key is to fight with the small three, fight to win is the ability! The tears of the mistress. Flies do not bite seamless eggs, your own husband has a problem with this topic if spread, first of all, why your husband will go to the mistress, in the end, you and your husband's problem. If the little three people look at your husband's money, ok, it won't endanger your low position, if people look at people, look at your ability, sister! There's always something lovely about a hateful person! Ha, ha, ha, ha. Too much thinking. My husband He Dehe can dare to find a mistress, I saw another post on the forum. That person for the small three divorce, ah, not to say our family, ⊙ ⊙b Khan I think should be organized to deal with the small three group, who found a small three, others take turns to help deal with.